LCO 2022 Split 2: Four-way tie for second ahead of bumper Split Super Week next Monday

LCO 2022 Split 2 schedule, results, streams, rosters and more.

LCO 2022 Split 2, and the league’s competitors see sweeping changes as OCE’s best line up for a spot at Worlds. Who will be crowned as the LCO champions and represent the region at the pinnacle of League of Legends?

  • Nothing separates DW, Order, Peace & Pentanet after opening month
  • Gravitas search endlessly for first win
  • Split 1 final rematch @ 9pm Monday as undefeated Chiefs battle Order

Four weeks in, and while The Chiefs’ LCO Split 2 rampage continues at the top, nothing separates the playoff contenders below.

The Chiefs (8-0) complete a flawless opening month, while Pentanet, Dire Wolves, Peace and Order enter the Super Week at 5-3 in a four-way tie for second.

A way’s back, there’s still time in the split for Kanga and Mammoth (both 2-6) to contest playoffs. For Gravitas (0-8), their finals hopes continue to slide as they seek their first win at Super Week.

Three matchdays will follow next week, starting Monday with Gravitas taking on Dire Wolves in the Super Week opener.

A Split 1 2022 final rematch will close out the Super Week opening day — the high-flying Chiefs will look for a 2-0 record against Order since dropping the grand final back in April.

We’re covering everything LCO 2022: schedule, streams, results and more.

LCO 2022 Split 2 Streams

The LCO streams live on Twitch. Missed the action? Catch up via the LCO VODs on their official Twitch page for full replays within 24 hours of matchday.

LCO 2022 Split 2 Ladder

1The Chiefs8-0
2Dire Wolves5-3
6Kanga Esports2-6

LCO 2022 Split 2 Schedule & Results

LCO Split 2: Week 5 Schedule

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, July 4Gravitas v Dire Wolves6pm
Peace v Kanga7pm
Pentanet v Mammoth8pm
Chiefs v Order9pm
Tue, July 5Mammoth v Peace6pm
Order v Pentanet7pm
Chiefs v Gravitas8pm
Kanga v Dire Wolves9pm
Wed, July 6Pentanet v Chiefs6pm
Gravitas v Kanga7pm
Peace v Order8pm
Dire Wolves v Mammoth9pm

LCO Split 2: Week 1 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, June 6Gravitas 0-1 Order6pm
Pentanet 1-0 Kanga7pm
Peace 1-0 Dire Wolves8pm
Chiefs 1-0 Mammoth9pm
Tue, June 7Kanga 0-1 Peace6pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Gravitas7pm
Mammoth 0-1 Pentanet8pm
Order 0-1 Chiefs9pm

LCO Split 2: Week 2 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, June 13Peace 0-1 Mammoth6pm
Pentanet 1-0 Order7pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Kanga8pm
Gravitas 0-1 Chiefs9pm
Tue, June 14Chiefs 1-0 Pentanet6pm
Mammoth 0-1 Dire Wolves7pm
Order 1-0 Peace8pm
Kanga 1-0 Gravitas9pm

LCO Split 2: Week 3 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, June 20Kanga 1-0 Mammoth6pm
Peace 0-1 Chiefs7pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Order8pm
Gravitas 0-1 Pentanet9pm
Tue, June 21Order 1-0 Kanga6pm
Mammoth 1-0 Gravitas7pm
Chiefs 1-0 Dire Wolves8pm
Pentanet 0-1 Peace9pm

LCO Split 2: Week 4 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, June 27Mammoth 0-1 Order6pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Pentanet7pm
Gravitas 0-1 Peace8pm
Kanga 0-1 Chiefs9pm
Tue, June 28Order 1-0 Gravitas6pm
Mammoth 0-1 Chiefs7pm
Kanga 0-1 Pentanet8pm
Dire Wolves 0-1 Peace9pm

LCO 2022 Split 2 Rosters

Split 2 sees widespread changes to our LCO crews.

MSI representatives Order saw a change in the jungle following Shane “Kevy” Allen’s departure to North America, picking up Jeong “Goodo” Min-jae from Dire Wolves.

While Kevy departs, Vincent “Violet” Wong returns from Golden Guardians Academy and will take up the starting bot lane position at Peace alongside the squad’s former coach Vincent “gunkrab” Lin.

Other teams saw a mixed bag of changes; Dire Wolves will feature four new members of the Wolf Pack, while Pentanet will start Split 2 exactly as they ended.

Kanga EsportsLivedleemasfightostyledLionel
The ChiefsTopoonArthurTallyRaesAladoric
MammothPapryzeMeifanReufuryVoiceAli G
Dire WolvesZorenousPoltronSiumanBulldawgDanteh
Nicholas Taifalos
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