ESL ANZ Champs Season 15: Swiss round two wraps tonight

ESL ANZ Champs Season 15 streams, schedule, rosters and more.

OCE’s top CS:GO league is back with ESL ANZ Champs Season 15. Sixteen teams enter the Swiss stage in September for a shot at playoffs, a share of $20,000 AUD and qualification for ESL Pro League’s Conference in 2023. Who will emerge victorious?

  • GH bounce back after Fortress OCE Masters defeat
  • Liazz drops 47 in topsy-turvy 2-0
  • Vertex beats Antic in Battle of the Wolves

Grayhound are the first team to record a 2-0 start for ESL ANZ Champs, taking down Encore 2-0 (16-12, 16-8).

Jay “Liazz” Tregillgas (47-26, 1.46 rating) stood above the server, which saw four Hounds crack the 40-kill mark in the series sweep.

Sean “Gratisfaction” Kaiwai (42-43, 1.10 rating) also dropped 40 in his sides’ loss, which now sees them at 1-1.

Nuke was a wild affair to say the least; after an 11 round T half, Encore were in the box seat to hold onto their map pick, but GH hit back with a truly nuclear 12-1 half of their own on attack to all but shut out Encore.

After an 8-7 split half on Ancient, Grayhound stepped up hugely on defence, again locking out Encore in the second half to take the series 16-8.

Thursday sees DGG take on Nut-E Gaming, with an all-wolf affair between Antic and Vertex later in the evening.

We’re covering everything ESL ANZ Champs Season15: streams, schedule, results and more.

ESL ANZ Champs Season 15 Streams

ESL ANZ Champs Season 15 streams live on Twitch. Missed the action? Check out each Twitch channel for full match VODs, uploaded shortly following the conclusion of each matchday.

Main Stream: ESL Australia

Secondary Stream: ESL Australia B

ESL ANZ Champs Season 15 Schedule & Results

ESL ANZ Champs Season 15 begins with a sixteen-team Swiss bracket — win three games and they’re through to the playoffs, lose three games and they’re out.

The top eight will move to stage two’s double-elimination bracket, with the two finalists heading to the EPL Conference next year.

All match times are in AEST.

ESL ANZ Champs Season 15 — Stage One: Swiss

1DGG Esports2-0
Grayhound Gaming2-0
6Antic Esports1-1
Arena Esports1-1
Encore Esports Club1-1
Nut-E Gaming1-1
Warriors Esports1-1
12Gods Work0-1
Meat Grinders0-1
14Elemental Esports0-2

ESL ANZ Champs Season 15 — Week 1 Results

MatchdayTeamsTime (AEST)
Monday, Sep 12Rooster 2-0 Warriors6pm
DGG 2-0 Arena8:30pm
Tuesday, Sep 13Encore 2-0 Gods Work6pm
Antic 2-0 Frontier8:30pm
Wednesday, Sep 14Vertex 2-0 RKON6pm
Elemental 0-2 Dynasty8:30pm
Thursday, Sep 15Grayhound 2-0 Grinders6pm
Yellow 0-2 Nut-E Gaming8:30pm

ESL ANZ Champs Season 15 — Week 2 Schedule

MatchdayTeamsTime (AEST)
Tuesday, Sep 20Grayhound 2-0 Encore6pm
Yellow FF-W Arena Esports8:30pm
Thursday, Sep 22DGG Esports 2-1 Nut-E Gaming6pm
Antic 1-2 Vertex8:30pm
Monday, Sep 26Kraken 2-0 Frontier6pm
Elemental 1-2 Warriors8:30pm
Thursday, Sep 29Gods Work v Meat Grinders6pm
Rooster v Dynasty8:30pm

ESL ANZ Champs Season 15 Rosters

As reported, teams across the region have made sweeping changes ahead of this season of ESL ANZ Champs.

Grayhound finally return with their full squad, and will be at maximum firepower with Vexite ready to go. Vertex are yet to announce their official fifth.

Notable absentees from last season include Matthew “Valiance” Hartrick (Order) and Ricardo “Rickeh” Mulholland (Aftershock), with Valiance stepping away from competing for the interim.

8Ballers and Overt, both finalists from Season 14, have broken apart and reformed across multiple squads including Nut-E Gaming and Warriors.

Grayhound makes return to ANZ Champs as aliStair is out for a back-to-back title.

UPDATE 20/09: Kraken Esports Club acquires RKON ahead of the opening series.

Grayhound GamingINSSicoaliStairLiazzVexite
Vertex Esports ClubpzBRACEmaltaADDICTTBD
DGG EsportszephgumpyourwombatapocdudHUGHMUNGUS
Antic EsportsrekonzSkulLdamyoN1ghtraidJinxx
Elemental Esportsbrake2ezJu1ceReapzRoryyyisaiah
Dynasty Esports ClubTRIPLUSPoccketRhyuAWorksTBD
Encore Esports ClubHaZRsterlingSaVageAZRGratisfaction
Nut-E GamingVelocityMega2FTallajMr Sharkcl0ver
Warriors EsportskysonProdigycallum_murrayDroxObZen
Gods WorkSWANKYnibkeFabzyulzangNeoAgricola
Kraken Esports ClubGYPSYdceynubtisoyyrainstylezgk
Arena EsportsKiyoForleksTerryyyBaN4naneo
Meat GrindersArchiegremliNNChiNnyLexonCrimZM

ESL ANZ Champs Season 15 Preview (September 12)

ESL ANZ Champs is back.

Season 15 of ESL ANZ Champs will kick off this evening, with Oceania’s top flight welcoming back champions of old and the prodigies of tomorrow in a battle for the title of OCE’s best.

Season 14 winners Renegades return this time under Grayhound Gaming following their departure from RNG and Order in 2022, and with exciting prospect Declan “Vexite” Portelli beginning to warm into the squad, the ‘Hounds enter as favourites to go back-to-back.

That’s not to say they’re without challenge, however.

Fellow ESL Challenger Melbourne reps Vertex will be out for the crown, and while they remain without an official fifth, super sub Marvin “Forleks” Tran has proven himself capable following the Wolfpack’s qualification for Fortress OCE Masters this weekend.

Also entering as contenders for ESL ANZ Champs Season 15 will be Encore, with the squad’s acquisitions of Aaron “AZR” Ward and Sean “Gratisfaction” Kaiwai starting to get to grips with their return to competitive CS:GO.

Rooster, who also qualified for Fortress OCE Masters last week, are back and will be out to take major scalps as they seek their first international opportunity.

Antic & DGG Esports make returns to Champs this season, as well as Warriors Esports–the esports division of the New Zealand Warriors NRL franchise–who are back after a season’s hiatus.

All sixteen teams will be hunting for that top two playoff finish, with the grand finalists both earning a spot at Season 17’s ESL Pro League Conference.

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