ESL ANZ Champs Season 16: Grayhound, Vertex claim playoff spots from Stage 1

ESL ANZ Champs S16, schedule, streams and more.

Stage 1 of ANZ Champs is wrapped up with Grayhound and Vertex being the two squads to advance to the playoffs of the event. Two more will join them after Stage 2 so they can battle it out for a direct slot to Pro League Season 18.

  • Grayhound and Vertex are through to the playoffs
  • Grayhound will get a seeding advantage
  • The final two playoff spots are up for grabs in Stage 2

Stage 1 of ANZ Champs Season 16 is done and dusted with Grayhound and Vertex securing their spots in the playoffs just as they return from the APAC RMR last weekend in Mongolia.

Although both finalists in Stage 1 are automatically placed into the playoffs, there is a seeding advantage given to Grayhound for their triumph over Vertex.

For those teams who missed out, Stage 2 will give squads another chance to make the playoffs in a repeat format of Stage 1, with two additional teams being added to replace Vertex and Grayhound via a last chance qualifier.

Despite their travels only a week ago for the RMR, Vertex and Grayhound put on display why they are the teams to watch out for in this season of ANZ Champs. 

While Vertex did lose the upper bracket final to Grayhound they disposed of Encore to ensure the rematch for the grand final. Vertex were able to draw first blood in the rematch, taking a win on Vertigo and handing Grayhound what would be their only map loss of the event.

Vexite in particular responded on the maps that followed, maintaining above a 1.50 rating according to HLTV statistics, which saw his squad pocket a pair of 16-10 wins to close out the series.

Stage 2 of the event as well as the last chance qualifier are currently unscheduled but are due to kick off in the coming weeks.

We’re covering everything ESL ANZ Champs S16: streams, results and more.

ESL ANZ Champs Season 16 Streams

Be sure not to miss any ANZ Champs action and watch live on Twitch. You can see all the action, or catch up on any matches you miss via the ESL Australia Twitch channel.

ESL ANZ Champs Season 16 Schedule & Results

ESL ANZ Champs Season 16 features two stages and both are double-elimination brackets, with all matches being Bo3. In Stage 1, the top two squads advance directly to playoffs and the next six teams will proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2 will introduce two more teams following a last chance qualifier and once again, only the top two teams will advance from this stage and round out the playoff bracket.

Stage 2 and the last chance qualifier are set to kick off in the coming weeks.

ESL ANZ Champs Season 16 — Stage One Schedule & Results

MatchTeamsTime (AEST)
Opening Round
Monday, Mar 27Vertex 2-1 Sunday School5pm
Grayhound 2-0 Stirlz’s Angels9pm
Tuesday, Mar 28e-LEMON-ators 2-1 Rooster5pm
The Big Dogs 2-0 Encore8:40pm
Upper Bracket Semifinals
Wednesday, Mar 29Vertex 2-0 e-LEMON-ators5pm
Grayhound 2-0 The Big Dogs
Lower Bracket Round 1
Tuesday, Apr 11Sunday School 2-0 Rooster6pm
Stirlz’s Angels 0-2 Encore9:15pm
Lower Bracket Quarterfinal
Wednesday, Apr 12Encore 2-0 e-LEMON-ators6pm
The Big Dogs 2-0 Sunday School8:30pm
Upper Bracket Final
Thursday, Apr 13Vertex 0-2 Grayhound6pm
Lower Bracket Semifinal
Encore 2-0 The Big Dogs8:30pm
Lower Bracket Final
Friday, Apr 14Encore 0-2 Vertex6pm
Grand Final
Grayhound 2-1Vertex8:50pm

ESL ANZ Champs Season 16 Rosters

Following on from the end of Season 15, the teams who finished in the top 6 have largely remained in-tact, outside of a couple changes.

Notably, Vertex have brought on hazr who was on Encore in the last season and SaVage is now on Encore. TjP has also landed onto Encore and dangeR rounds out the squad for Rooster. e-LEMON-ators look largely a new squad with apocdud and yourwombat being the only members to carry on from Season 15.

Additionally, Stirlz’s Angels replaced Band Camp as the final team in ANZ Champs as the next best placing squad from the closed qualifier.

Grayhound GamingSicoLiazzaliStairVexiteINS
Vertex Esports ClubBRACEADDICTpzHaZRmalta
The Big DogsSkulLDamyoN1ghtraidforevintJry
Sunday Schoolrekonzmizzyversaguagnexar
Stirlz’s AngelsObZenDroxToMcallum_murraygump
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Ash Whyte
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