OPL Split 2, Week 3: Match Predictions

This week in the Oceanic Pro League a number of potentially early season-defining matches, including a first-vs-second battle between Mammoth and Avant Gaming.

As well as the table-topping clash, we also have a mouthwatering gauntlet final rematch, with the Chiefs eyeing revenge of the team that denied them their return to the title fight to close out Split 1. Then, the defending champions in the Bombers come up against the old kings the Dire Wolves, with both armed with new imports, new stars, and new goals.

Snowball Esports has once again collected our best tipsters and pundits to break down three of the key games coming up this weekend, including Emma “Ammeplays” Van Der Brug, Bernadette “Nadette” Wong, and Harry “hispanicatd” Taylor.

Emma’s Feature Match of the Week: Chiefs Esports Club vs Order

The last time these two teams clashed it was in last split’s gauntlet, where the Chiefs Esports Club faced off against Order for a seat in the grand final against the Bombers. Order were the victors of that match, and completed their dream run to the finals.

The early split rankings are always turbulent, with only a few matches separating the top and bottom teams. Order head into this week off a 0-2 record, and are currently sitting equal sixth-placed with Gravitas and Legacy Esports. Chiefs are only slightly ahead, with one win keeping them above the bottom three teams. They share equal third with the Dire Wolves and the Bombers.

Sitting at a head-to-head record of 2-2 for 2019, if we include the gauntlet match as a single meeting, this matchup historically could go in either team’s favours. Both teams have emotional players, and it’s an explosive matchup which is sure to be exciting to watch. I think this matchup will fall in favour of the Chiefs.

The Chiefs are always consistent in the early game, with a boatload of experience throughout the team means they successfully navigate laning phase, and with strong team fighting abilities generally make the most of these situations to turn them into wins. Order are a versatile team, but the decisive plays that come out of the Chiefs will lead them to victory.

This matchup is sure to be a great one to watch, with emotions spilling from both teams and both looking for revenge. I think the Chiefs will grasp the win from Order this week as they aim for a redemption split, and that ever-tantalising podium finish.

Nadette’s Feature Match of the Week: Bombers vs Dire Wolves

This Saturday sees the top and bottom teams from the OPL’s opening split battle each other on the Rift in the Bombers and the Dire Wolves. Last weekend both teams achieved a 1-1 result, with the Bombers dropping a game against the undefeated Mammoth and the Dire Wolves dropping their match against Gravitas. Going into this week, while close, I believe the Bombers will take the win.

Both teams’ current performances greatly contrast last split’s results; both currently sitting at 2-2 apiece and in equal third with the Chiefs. Currently, the Wolfpack is inconsistent in their matches, still testing the water with their ten-man roster to determine if it’s an asset or a potential fault in synergy and drafts.

While the Bombers haven’t been showing the same performance as last split, I believe they’re currently the most reliable of the two as they’ve started to get back into the competitive form with their new additions. Even though the Dire Wolves appear to be showing improvements, I believe that the Bombers are more stable at this point in time than the unpredictable ten-man roster of the Wolfpack.

Harry’s Feature Match of the Week: Mammoth vs Avant Gaming

We wrap Week 3 of the Oceanic Pro League with Avant Gaming facing off against Mammoth, a top-of-the-table clash that has the potential to see these two teams contest first place.

Avant is, once again, the surprise package in this league. Mainly expected to struggle with early player suspensions and caught on the back foot, Avant have instead taken an early lead. They come into the third week in sole possession of second place in the standings off the back of two impressive performances against Legacy Esports and Order that saw the team be able to take control of the map however they pleased.

On the other side of the Rift, Mammoth have become the super team they were expected to be at the start of 2019. The Melbourne squad has run amok over the league, and after one game that required a comeback against the Chiefs, it’s been full steam ahead as they’ve taken firm control of the league. Right now, it seems like nothing will stop them.

Come Saturday night, I expect a contest that is close, but will ultimately see Mammoth trample over Avant, and continue their dominance over the league. Mammoth have the higher skill level that will see them win lane matchups, and from that the table-topping game.

Week 3 of the Oceanic Pro League begins this Friday at 4pm. Watch live on the new RiotGamesOCE Twitch channel, find more information and the full fixtures schedule at oce.lolesports.com.

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Isaac McIntyre

Isaac McIntyre is Snowball Esports' editor in chief and head of editorial, leading coverage on Oceanic & Asia-Pacific gaming talent at home and abroad.

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Isaac McIntyre
Isaac McIntyre
Isaac McIntyre is Snowball Esports' editor in chief and head of editorial, leading coverage on Oceanic & Asia-Pacific gaming talent at home and abroad.



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