ESL Pro League S15 Conference: Renegades, ORDER out means LookingForOrg will solely represent OCE at Pro League

LookingForOrg will be the only Oceanic squad representing the region at ESL Pro League Season 15, after both Renegades and ORDER were eliminated from...

Pants on Overt’s OCN 2021 Relegations battle: “We’re on a different level”

Overt are confident they can rejoin OCN in 2022 after a brief taste of the top-flight.

Vincere on Wildcard’s OCN 2021 struggles ahead of Relegations: “We’re slowly getting there”

Oceanic Rainbow Six kings Wildcard find themselves battling off relegation ahead of OCN 2022.

Sources: Praedyth re-signs with PGG, former LCO champs to add Rogue, Balkhan

Mark "Praedyth" Lewis will be the only returning member of Pentanet.GG's fan-fave 2021 roster, sources have told Snowball Esports, as the LCO champs sign-up...

Deptra “confident without being cocky” FURY can cause OCN 2021 Relegations upset

FURY want to prove they’re better than their OCN rivals in the 2021 Relegations battle.

Big Dogz? Underdogs: Boff ready to “dismantle” Wildcard in OCN 2021 Relegations

Big Dogz are coming out swinging in their quest for an OCN 2022 spot.

Oceanic Nationals 2021 Season Finals locked in for December 11 & 12

Oceania’s best Rainbow Six teams will fight for the ultimate domestic title in the OCN 2021 Season Finals.

Kanga acquires Legacy Esports, includes LCO 2022 slot

The Legacy Esports brand will be no more after a seven-year stint at the top.

Ykikamucow’s FURY isn’t just fighting at PGC 2021 for Oceania, but all of APAC

No longer separate regions, APAC PUBG is now united at PGC 2021.


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