ESL announces 2024 CS calendar; ANZ to get full Challenger League

Let’s make it count, Aussies.

ESL to close domestic Counter-Strike competitions worldwide; ANZ Champs, Main to be discontinued 

The champions were the friends we made along the way.

PAX Australia confirms Nintendo, Bethesda return for 2023 edition

Video games, cosplay, tabletop, reunions—PAX Aus is celebrating ten years of uniting us all Down Under, and after a glorious 2022 return, two big...

Behind Enemy Lines — PCS Playoffs 2023: Split 2

LCO reps The Chiefs and Team Bliss have their eyes on the world stage once more. In previous years, these two teams would have...

LCO Split 2 2023: Chiefs claim third-straight LCO title, first seed to PCS

Our teams hit the Summoners Rift, fighting for a top-two seed to compete in the PCS playoffs--their chance at Worlds in South Korea. With...

Aladoric, Leemas reflect as Chiefs & Bliss face off one final time — LCO Split 2 Grand Final: Predictions

Although the PCS playoffs have been locked in, Team Bliss and The Chiefs will clash in the LCO one more time in the LCO...

Mammoth, Chiefs battle for final ticket to Taiwan — LCO Split 2 Playoffs: Lower Bracket Final Predictions

In tonight's LCO Split 2 lower bracket finale, our game of musical planes has its last round. Not for the LCO, of course---we’re still a...

Mammoth, Vertex fight for semi-finals survival — LCO Split 2 Playoffs: Day 3 Predictions

The herd is being thinned out in LCO Split 2 as Pentanet and Dire Wolves were eliminated from playoffs last night in what might...


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