ESL ANZ Champs Season 13: lol123 disband promotes CAMO into stage two; LookingForOrg continue their OCE demolition

The ESL ANZ Championships is back for the second season of 2021. Who will emerge victorious and crown themselves one of OCE's best in...

IEM Fall OCE RMR: Vertex rounds out top four with 2-0 over 8Ballers

With the closed qualifier completed, just four remain at Oceania's IEM Fall. Who will ascend above all others and represent the region at the...

Oceanic Nationals 2021 Stage 3 Predictions: Week 2

The OCN Stage 1 2021 playoffs race will be decided in Week 3.

Age of Empires 4 looks to the future with new take on real-time strategy classic

Age of Empires IV will launch on October 28, bringing the fourth chapter of the time-honored real-time strategy game to our screens. It could...

8Ballers, lol123 survive open bracket; finalise IEM Fall OCE closed qualifier

Just six teams remain in the hunt for Oceania’s sole representative spot at the PGL Stockholm Major, with 8Ballers and lol123 (ex-Chiefs) surviving the...

Oceanic Nationals 2021 Stage 3 Predictions: Week 1

The OCN Stage 1 2021 playoffs race will be decided in Week 3.

Soya on Overt’s surprise OCN promotion: “I want expectations to be low”

Heading into Oceanic Nationals 2021 Stage 3, Overt have nothing to lose. Being promoted in place of the disbanded LFO, there’s absolutely no expectations...

OCN Stage 2 2021: Snowball’s Season MVP

The Snowball Esports MVP Award is back for Oceanic Nationals Stage 2 2021, with three fragging masterminds dominating the votes. Rainbow Six is a team...

CS:GO Round-Up #009 – The Orgpocalypse

Recorded on September 6, 2021. Round-Up focuses on all things CS:GO in the Oceanic region. From our grassroots domestic scene, to the teams and players...


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