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Aussies have good showing at Age of Empires 4’s first major tournament

Four Australians made the top 32 in the first major AOE4 tournament, EGC Genesis.

Final eight prepare for war in latest Dreamhack tournament for Starcraft II

All eyes in the Oceanic and Rest of Asia Starcraft II scene will be glued to their monitors this week as another Dreamhack season...

Australian Starcraft II scene divided as more dual citizen challengers appear

The Australian Starcraft II community has descended into bitter arguments over the past few days, with the news two new players from overseas could...

Starcraft II celebrates 10-year anniversary as new Dreamhack season looms

Sean “Probe” Kempen has won the OCE ESL Weekly #18 on Tuesday night, beating Varun “Demi” Immanuel 3-1 in the final on a Tuesday...