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MEO 2019: Interview with Golden Guardian’s Inero

After falling just short of winning the LCS 2019 Summer playoffs, the Golden Guardians travelled to the land Down Under during their offseason to...

MEO 2019: Interview with Order’s Jordation

It wouldn't be a Contenders Australia final without Jordation. He's played at all five grand finals, and won four of them. Now with back-to-back...

MEO 2019: Interview with Mindfreak’s Bus

While they didn't taste success at the Melbourne Esports Open, Mindfreak have set themselves up for success in 2020. Snowball Esports spoke to their...

MEO 2019: Interview with Mammoth’s Destiny

The star-studded Mammoth roster arrived at the Melbourne Esports Open with one goal in mind - lift the OPL trophy. Now they've done just...


Josh Swift

Owner of Go Next Media, Josh "Swifty" Swift is Snowball's Director of Creative & Production. He looks to build up passionate creators to bring the best content to esports in Oceania.