Josh Swift

Owner of Go Next Media, Josh "Swifty" Swift is Snowball's Director of Creative & Production. He looks to build up passionate creators to bring the best content to esports in Oceania.

The Snowball Show: Episode 8 w/Spawn & Carbon

Show starts 02:30. Originally aired June 4th, 2020 on Twitch. GuestsSpawn - -

The Snowball Show: Episode 7 w/rare7

Show starts 03:35. Originally aired May 28th, 2020 on Twitch. Guestsrare7 - HostsNico -...

The Snowball Show: Episode 6 w/Ethan & Bus

Show starts 04:19. Originally aired May 21st, 2020 on Twitch. GuestsEthan - -

The Snowball Show: Episode 5

Join Nico & Ducky for another special 2-man episode of The Snowball Show.

The Snowball Show: Episode 4 feat. Raven

Join Nico, Judge & Ducky for a Rainbow Six Siege focused episode of The Snowball Show with special guest Brandon "Raven"...

Welcome to the new

It's been a long time coming. Months of work and hundreds of hours later, the new site is now...

The Snowball Show: Episode 3

Join Nico & Ducky as they tackle topics like Doublelift's controversial move to TSM, Legacy's OPL victory & more!

The Snowball Show: Episode 2 w/Carbon & Pabu

Join hosts Nico & Judge an OPL edition of The Snowball Show ahead of the grand final with special guests Carbon...