Global Offensive & The Importance of Grassroots in Australia

BrisVegas LAN Preview

After roaming my way across IEM Sydney, I’ve returned home to Brisbane and had the chance to chat with Daniel “Mavrick” Lang about the upcoming BrisVegas LAN and how it plays into the role Grassroots plays in Australian CS:GO.

Grassroots esport is defined through how it connects the general public and fanbase of a game with the upper echelons of the professional realm. Much like how club sports and athletics programs can provide younger people with the foundational skills into various sporting endeavours, so do open LAN events and esport events such as the BrisVegas LAN series of events.

BrisVegas LAN has been an ongoing activity for passionate fans in the Australian Counter-Strike community to be a part of, whether that be from the perspective of a player, production talent or as a spectator. Nonetheless, Daniel ‘Mavrick/Mav’ Lang has shown his worth as a leader of grassroots CS:GO in the region and an excellent event lead.

You may be familiar with the type of event that BrisVegas LAN typically is, also a similar format/genre to the recent ‘MC LAN’. These particular events all have their own flavour and style but what is constant is the necessity of such events. Mav is arguably one of the most qualified people when it comes to the production and execution of these LANs. As these events can often be the launching platform for all varieties of talent, their function is forever important as are the people who are behind the wheel of the grassroots esport ship.

The next edition of BrisVegas LAN is soon approaching; a 3-day event, July 5-7th. As such, we were able to catch up with Mav as well as reflect on the significance of these events and what is on the cards for next weekend and beyond.

BrisVegas LAN has been building a brand and reputation as the hub for grassroots CS:GO in Brisbane but also as an icon in the greater Oceanic region.

“I see the ‘Beyond the Summit’ and ‘TakeTV’, homegrown type events with the small studios and think they’re amazing. I’d personally love to have something similar myself… (Grassroots LANS) are necessary for any scene. The opportunity to gain all kinds of experience is what these events are best for. This environment is optimal for people who want to get prepared for future events as they look to become a professional of their craft.”

Daniel ‘Mavrick’ Lang

As such, the BrisVegas LAN has been growing out its presence and brand accordingly. With a dedicated Discord server and Twitter account, updates and information regarding the event are regularly available. More importantly, this enables further community interaction and discussion about events, matches and so forth. The accessibility of the event is a feature that sometimes ‘Tier 1’ events cannot quite nail and as such is a breath of fresh air.

Being able to focus on this supplementary aspect of the industry is an important rung for anyone on the rise, but also a genuine and authentic representation of the regions heart and passion for a game. Similar to the iconic BTS CS_Summit events, BrisVegas LANs are no strangers to special guests such as Dickstacy, jks, and Taffy. This attention from community figures legitimises these events further and extends on the idea these events are excellent platforms for experience and opportunity.

“An aspect of these LANs that I think is truly remarkable is how many people travel interstate to be a part of the weekend. There are a handful of teams for this event again that coming from Melbourne and Sydney”

Daniel ‘Mavrick’ Lang

This ability to be a foundational aspect for a career in esport really captures the importance of any grassroots event. Furthermore, partnering with QUT Esports further supports this as they bring in their passionate team who are also looking to develop this level of the industry and lay the groundwork for larger projects down the line.

The event will feature 16-teams from around the country duking it out for the title of BrisVegas Champions. Be sure to tune in this weekend via the QUT Esports Twitch channel for the live coverage of the games and support a great team of people who are enabling the future of many rising talents in the space.

Follow Mavrick & BrisVegasLAN on Twitter for more.

Ash Whyte

Ash 'Shhlee' Whyte is all about Counter-Strike and its stories. While he did look at playing League of Legends at some point, he soon opted to specailise in CS after being told Shyvana top was apparently not 'viable' and that Bronze was not a 'good' rank.

ProducerJosh Swift
Ash Whyte
Ash Whyte
Ash 'Shhlee' Whyte is all about Counter-Strike and its stories. While he did look at playing League of Legends at some point, he soon opted to specailise in CS after being told Shyvana top was apparently not 'viable' and that Bronze was not a 'good' rank.



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