Sources: Pentanet.GG sign OPL champion duo ahead of 2020 season

Pentanet.GG have signed their roster for the 2020 OPL season, including two Oceanic champions and a rookie ready to make his mark on the region, league sources have told Snowball.

Pentanet’s 2020 roster is shaping up to be a competitive mix of young talent and proven superstars. Headed by former Bombers support Jake ‘Rogue’ Sharwood, the OPL’s newest team will be looking for success in their junior year.

Rogue is joined by 2018 OPL Split 2 champion Brandon ‘BioPanther’ Alexander in the top lane. Both Rogue and BioPanther have international experience under their belt, with appearances at MSI 2019 and Worlds 2018 respectively.

BioPanther’s 2019 team mate, Jarod ‘Getback’ Tucker, will be filling out the mid lane for the Pentanet roster. Getback’s wide champion pool was spread during the 2019 season, with his quirky picks showing the mid laner’s diversity and flexibility.

Mark ‘Praedyth’ Lewis finds himself in the bot lane for Pentanet after a stellar rookie year as an AD carry. The former top laner found himself putting in standout performances week-in week-out for an otherwise lackluster Legacy squad in 2019, and will have even more chances to grow into the role under an experienced support like Rogue.

To wrap up the roster, the Perth-based organisation has picked up Order substitute jungler Paris ‘Souli’ Sitzoukis. While his one appearance in 2019 was one to forget for the rookie, he will be hungry to cement himself a spot in the league for years to come with his first full-time position.

Pentanet.GG have also reportedly managed to pick up Scott ‘Westonway’ Farmer after a stint at Excel Esports in the LEC as the team’s head coach.

The Perth team acquired Bombers’ slot in the OPL for the 2020 season, after the Essendon Football Club-owned esports team stepped out of esports.

The organization has grand plans of elevating WA esports talent to the next level — and while their roster for 2020 doesn’t feature any Perth-born players, it’s a competitive outfit that could turn some heads.

The Oceania Pro League is returning on January 31, 2020, with games to be played on Fridays and Saturdays from 4pm AEDT.

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Andrew Amos
Andrew Amos
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