Changing Tides — The Oceanic stars headed overseas in 2020

Samuel “Spookz” Broadley

Career highlights
  • 4x OPL Winner
  • 2x IWCQ Representative
  • 2x IWCI Representative
  • 2x OPL Runner-up

Spookz was part of the initial Chiefs Esports Club roster that will be remembered as one of the ‘Golden Generations’ of Oceanic League of Legends. The team dominated the region before the inception of the Pro League, and continued their success afterwards.

Spookz and the Chiefs collected four consecutive championships in the opening four splits of the newly-founded domestic league, and cemented themselves in history with their strength on the Rift, and their lovable nature off it.

Unfortunately, due to the way World Championship qualification has changed over the years, Spookz was never able to represent Oceania on the international stage properly, only playing through pre-tournament qualifier brackets.

Spookz, alongside long-term mid lane duo Swiffer and Order, created more history with their 9-1 run through the 2019 Split 1 gauntlet to earn a shot at the indomitable Bombers in the Sydney-hosted grand final, though they were unsuccessful at claiming a fifth title.

In 2020, Spookz will be making a career change as he transitions into a coaching role, adopting a two-way player role with LCS organisation the Golden Guardians. Spookz has been known as a positive influence on and off the Rift over the years, so it’s no surprise that experience will play well in his dual role heading into the new season next year.

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Isaac McIntyre
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