Sources: Pabu to join Pentanet.GG in role swap roster shuffle

Gravitas top laner Jackson “Pabu” Pavone will be swapping allegiances ⁠— and roles ⁠— for OPL Split 2 2020, replacing Paris “Souli” Sitzoukis in the jungle for the struggling squad.

The OPL roster shuffle is kicking off with a bang, with a move set to shake up not just one, but two roles in the region.

Storied top laner Pabu, previously of Abyss, Avant, and Gravitas, will now be taking up a role swap into the jungle to replace Souli for Pentanet.GG, sources have told Snowball Esports.

Souli, in his first full split in the OPL, has struggled to find his footing. The hyped-up Pentanet roster fell flat, missing playoffs after a string of poor performances saw the team fall to sixth in the final days of the OPL.

Pabu, on the other hand, helped Gravitas find their footing late in the season. While they eventually finished in seventh, his stats were noticeably better than the likes of David “Beats” Nguyen-Dang and Lachlan “N0body” Keene-O’Keefe in the top lane in the five games he played.

He might not be known competitively for his jungle skill, but solo queue is a different story. He has ranked up multiple accounts playing jungle, peaking as high as 600 LP Challenger on his jungle-only account.

He will also bring a new set of skills to the role not necessarily seen by other junglers in the region. The fact he has played multiple lanes to the top of solo queue could prove to be the competitive edge Pentanet need to elevate themselves to playoffs in Split 2.

It is not yet known where Souli could be landing in the OPL off-season.

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Andrew Amos
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