Oceania to be included in TFT Galaxies Championship after initial snubbing

After initially being snubbed from the inaugural Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Championship, Oceanic players will now have a way to qualify for the colloquially dubbed “TFT Worlds” through North America.

Despite having a larger player base than Japan, Turkey, and Latin America, Oceania were snubbed of a spot in the initial TFT Galaxies Championship plan. However, on May 1, Riot announced a backflip of their plans, incorporating OCE into the North American qualifiers.

The top four OCE players will be invited to the 24-player OCENA final in September. However, they won’t qualify directly from ladder, instead using a fused ladder-qualifer model to determine who deserves to represent the region in the finals.

The top 32 players, based on nine weeks of ladder ranking starting on May 19, will be invited to a closed qualifier.

They will then play three rounds in a single elimination tournament. However, it’s unclear how exactly groups will be seeded, and how many series’ players will need to play.

The top four players from the OCE qualifier will then join NA’s best 20 for a chance to get two seats at the global Galaxies Championship.

The OCE qualifiers will only be open to players residing in the region. While the server has become a hotbed for Taiwanese and South East Asian players in the absence of TFT Mobile servers for their respective regions, only players residing in Australia, New Zealand, and selected Pacific islands will qualify for the closed finals.

The Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Championship is the first major Riot-backed esports endeavour in the autobattler’s 12 month history. 16 players from 10 regions across the world will be competing for $200,000 in the first TFT Worlds, as Riot looks to expand its esports ecosystem in 2020.

More information about the TFT Galaxies Championship can be found on the LoL Esports website.

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Andrew Amos
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