Kingsgrove North support ÖuÖ wants to end ‘perfect’ META HSE journey on championship high

META picks up a multitude of High School talent. Kingsgrove North’s Andree "ÖuÖ" Zou is no exception.

The META League of Legends Competition is almost over for the 2020 season and for Andree “ÖuÖ” Zou, this year marks her last year eligible for the high school competition.

However, that doesn’t mean that she is ready to give up the fight for the championship crown alongside her team at Kingsgrove North High School. They’ve qualified for the championship rounds after taking the top spot in the NSW\ACT. 

Getting into the competitive League of Legends scene wasn’t something originally Andree’s plan either. She was influenced by her best friend, and started learning League at the end of Season 6. After that, pushing for the top was simply the next step.

Thanks to her friends and her brother, she was convinced and took up the support mantle for her team at Kingsgrove North. Even though there were doubts plaguing her, especially regarding whether or not she thought she was good enough to play on the team, she took the spot.

The season went spectacularly for the Kingsgrove LoL team. They earned themselves six wins against other top teams in their division.

They ended up taking the win in the regional semi finals against Knox Grammar too, with a 2–0 record. In the regional finals against Canberra College, the team ended up winning again, this time 3–1, earning their chance at qualifying for the Australia-wide finals.

Now, Andree has more than proven she’s earned that place in the team. She put up a highlight performance against Canberra College, in what she told Snowball Esports was “really smooth” and “somewhat perfect.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever played that smoothly, and it feels satisfying to rewatch the streams,” she said. Those rewatches have also brought up something that irks her, however: “I would like to specifically highlight a point too. Casters; please stop referring to me as male!”

Preparation for the championship rounds is the next step for Zou’s team journey now. They have played a lot of flex queue together, where they would practice coordination, champ picks, as well as “wombo-combos.” It’s a balancing act too though, especially because the squad has exams, and are in their last year of high school at the moment.

Looking back at the season as a whole so far, Andree said she appreciates everything her LoL teammates have done, and the support they’ve shown her since she originally joined the team.

“Even if we don’t win championships, I wish them all the best next year… I won’t be on the team next year no matter what, because I’ll be graduating,” she explained.

Outside of the worlds of League of Legends, Andree has dreams to study at University of New South Wales, and is aiming to get into a double-degree in Bachelor of Advanced Science, and Bachelor of Computer Science.

League won’t be put on the backburner either though. META has given her a taste for the best levels of LoL, and she wants to keep competing as she heads into university and beyond.

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Emma van der Brug
Emma van der Brug
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