‘I want prove I can do well in this roster’: BiBiAhn hoping to pave way for more OCE mixed lineups with Rooster 2 move

Following on from a trailblazing effort in Carnage Fe, BiBiAhn makes the move to a mixed team.

Former Carnage Fe star Vivienne “BiBiAhn” Quach has joined Rooster 2, replacing Liam “Smooth_criminal22” Eddington in the active lineup. The move makes Rooster 2 one of the first mixed competitive teams in Australia.

In a heartfelt farewell statement from Carnage owner Joey “Semtex” Semaan, he described BiBiAhn as an adored member of the lineup, whose dedication against the odds and her ability to “make it work” were among her strongest traits.

“I’m glad to say the reason for BiBiAhn’s departure is an unbelievable feature for a female CSGO player, especially within the Oceanic region,” Semtex said.

During her time on Carnage Fe, BiBiAhn competed internationally in the WESG 2018 Female World Finals in Chongqing, Intel Challenge Katowice 2019, and the GIRLGAMER World Finals 2020 in Dubai.

BiBiAhn will now play in the LetsPlayLive Pro League (LPL) as well as ESEA MDL Season 35 against some of Australia’s top rosters, including Avant, the Chiefs, and Order. Rooster 2 will be the only mixed team in these leagues.

“My utmost priority is to be consistent at this level first… I just want to prove to everyone that I can do well in this roster, given time,” BiBiAhn told Snowball Esports.

“Despite only just joining the team, I am currently testing out entry and lurk roles. I am still figuring out how I can best fit into this roster, and where I can perform best.”

BiBiAhn explained the best part of the move is that it will spark interest when fans discover the team is a mixed roster. Not only this, but it will hopefully create more opportunities for other talented female players to make similar moves in Oceania.

“I think there are more female players discovering Counter-Strike every day, despite how difficult it is to play in some mixed competitive settings and given the current landscape not being up to scratch for female players to feel comfortable playing at their highest level.”

“I genuinely hope we can start seeing more females integrate into mixed teams… there isn’t much support available for female teams in OCE, and this is made worse by Covid-19’s ongoing impact.”

“[When it comes to opportunities for female players] there are online leagues running all year, like the LPL and ESEA which anyone can sign up for. 

“If a player is looking to focus on the female scene, then aiming to join a group of girls and play in ODC’s or qualifiers for female LANs may be the better route.”

The active Rooster 2 line-up:

  • Damian “JD” Simonovic
  • Carlos “Rackem” Jefferys
  • Jak “jtr” Robinson
  • Joshua “jhd” Hough-Devine
  • Vivienne “BiBiAhn” Quach

You can watch Rooster 2 and BiBiAhn play in upcoming LPL and ESEA MDL S35 matches.

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Ash Whyte
Ash Whyte
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