Sliding Doors: LCO 2021 Split 1, Week 2

Welcome back to the second edition of Sliding Doors for 2021 this year covering the LCO!

Each week we run through the League of Legends Circuit Oceania teams with sometimes spicy, sometimes nice if/then takes, and, every now and then, an additional bonus one around a special topic.

You might be familiar with this concept if you’re an AFL fan, which is where we got the idea. So without further ado, here are your sliding doors for LCO Split 1, Week 2!

You’re looking for a new identity after losing all your franchise players in the last two years,

building around Mboma looks to be a good fit. It’s an exciting era for the Chiefs, even if wins look hard to come by.

You were silly enough to think this squad were championship material

the 0-2 start would have been a reality check. The Dire Wolves looked in dire straits.

You were feeling underwhelmed about Gravitas after 2020 (admit it – we all did),

last week showed there’s some kick to the roster this year. It’s not saying much, but it’s something.

Sybol gets to play his Elise and you lose the game,

it’s ominous for how the rest of the split might play out.

Your week lasted a total of 45 minutes,

the good news is it can only get better from here… right?

If you’re Vengeance and looking at taking an early bot crab this week,

don’t expect your bot lane to roam up and help after taking Puma’s penta.

You haven’t bought your ticket,

it’s time to get on to the Peace train. They might be the only team that can square up with Pentanet. Early crow, I know.

There’s one team I’d love to be on in any capacity,

I’d want to be on Pentanet. Not only could I potentially get a trip to Iceland, but I’d want to be around Pabu when he wins MJ’s $200 bar tab for best banter.

There’s one thing the LCO is doing well,

it’s bringing eyeballs into Oceanic League of Legends again. The co-streams have been a treat.

If you’d like to join us for LCO watch parties, join the Snowball Discord.

That’s all we have for this week! Check back every Monday Tuesdays maybe, let’s see how Wray goes for more Sliding Doors!

The League of Legends Circuit Oceania returns today.

Andrew Wray
Andrew Wray
One of Snowball's founders, Andrew "Wray Z" Wray is a sports fanatic. Formerly of Riot Games, Andrew has extensive experience when it comes to the OPL, but you'll find him across most games in Oceanic esports.



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