Can Peace show recent slip just a blip? – LCO Split 2 Predictions: Week 4, Day 2

Can the house of Peace fix their inner turmoil?

Day two of the first LCO Split 2 super week is here, and it celebrates an interesting milestone too; the second round robin of the season begins today.

After the first round, teams have been able to see exactly where they’re shining — and struggling — in Split 2, and begin building strategies for playoffs.

Coming in Week 4, we’ve seen some major successes, and some teams with major question marks around them in the LCO so far. The Chiefs are flying high atop the league standings for the first time since Split 1 last year, Legacy are on a three-game winning streak, and Gravitas are actually in the contest for playoffs.

On the other side of the coin, however.

Peace in particular have had to do some serious soul searching, as well as a roster swap. The star-studded team was lucky to come out the end of their three-game stretch against lower-half teams 1-2. The Dire Wolves are in a similar boat, with a 2-5 record sending them to panic stations.

Taylor’s Pick of the Week: PCE vs CHF

If you had come to me three weeks ago and asked who would win between the Chiefs Esports Club and Peace’s glittering roster, I would have said Peace. It was an easy answer too; looking at the two Week 1 squads on paper, there should have been a gulf there, at least with equal compositions on the Rift.

No so a month in, however.

Peace have had a rough couple of weeks. Their three-game stretch against Split 1’s playoff outsiders Gravitas, Mammoth, and Legacy ended 1-2, with their only victory coming after Mammoth tripped hard at the final hurdle.

Peace look lost, and something needed changing.

We have seen a change already, with Ryan “Aladoric” Richardson making way for jungler Thomas “LeeSA” Ma in the support role. It was a dicey move, but one that paid off last night against Order in a big way for PCE.

Will this change anything against the Chiefs?

Simply put, probably not. The Chiefs are looking like the league’s most well-oiled machine, and they’ve been nigh unbeatable in the past few weeks. Their game against the Dire Wolves was won through pure dominance by Ryan “Swathe” Gibbons on Gwen, which nearly resulted in his first pro pentakill, but for Kisee’s Resonating Strike.

The momentum is real in the Chiefs camp; expect them to keep going well into the regular season, playoffs, and potentially even towards a trip to China for Worlds.

Taylor’s Week 4, Day 2 Predictions

  • Gravitas def. Legacy
  • Order def. Mammoth
  • Chiefs def. Peace
  • Pentanet def. Dire Wolves

LCO Super Week 1 returns today: Peace vs Chiefs will start at 7pm (AEST). Catch up on all the ongoing LCO 2021 Split 2 action in our ultimate coverage hub.

Harry Taylor
Harry Taylor
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