Sliding Doors: LCO 2021 Split 2, Week 5

Has Wray taken his foot off the pedal a little?

Welcome back to Sliding Doors for the Door Dash LCO Split 2!

Each week we run through the League of Legends Circuit Oceania teams with sometimes spicy, sometimes nice if/then takes, and, every now and then, an additional bonus one around a special topic.

You might be familiar with this concept if you’re an AFL fan, which is where we got the idea. So without further ado, here are your sliding doors for LCO Split 2, Week 5!

The Chiefs is where Oceanic League of Legends started,

forgive me for saying it’s looking like it’s coming home…

You’re trying to save your legacy (both as an organisation and individually),

getting a win against the defending champions helps. They’re not out of the woods yet though.

There’s a team that’s proving everyone wrong,

Gravitas is the one. They’re in the playoffs picture for the first time, and even won themselves a few supporters (of their beer) mid-week.

You thought Incursio was just a Katarina OTP,

he’s proving otherwise, especially in Split 2. He’s put Legacy right into the mixer for playoffs with his Lucian and Viego.

Being 0-9 this season and four wins behind seventh looks grim from the outside.

I can’t imagine what it’s like inside the Mammoth camp. They can’t scrape a win together, no matter how well Frosts and Goodo play.

Last week was meant to see them surge up the standings,

it didn’t go to plan, and this week isn’t easy either. Maybe their fans will be slightly less insufferable though.

Peace’s staff are reading this column,

we’d like to take credit for their changes this week. We said they needed to blow the ship up, they did, and it worked.

You’re used to this team being the big fish in the small Oceanic pond,

it looks like a few of the other fish grew up while they were in Iceland. Game on.

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That’s all we have for this week! Check back every Tuesday for more Sliding Doors!

The League of Legends Circuit Oceania returns today.

Andrew Wray
Andrew Wray
One of Snowball's founders, Andrew "Wray Z" Wray is a sports fanatic. Formerly of Riot Games, Andrew has extensive experience when it comes to the OPL, but you'll find him across most games in Oceanic esports.



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