More than just Bo1 win on line in Chiefs vs Order — LCO Split 2 Predictions: Week 5, Day 2

Off-the-Rift drama dominates Week 5's feature game.

We’re at the halfway mark of the super weeks, and while we’ve already seen our share of upsets and spice, the LCO bangers aren’t stopping any time soon.

On the docket for Wednesday, we have Peace and Gravitas looking to recover from disappointing Tuesday outings and consolidate their playoff standings. Legacy, meanwhile, will look to take aim at Pentanet to keep their fading playoff dream alive.

To close out the day, Mammoth will chase that ever-elusive first win, against a Dire Wolves really rounding into a little form. Kicking off the day, however, we have perhaps the spiciest match: Chiefs Esports Club taking on Order.

Perry’s Pick of the Week: CHF vs ORD

It’s not unfair to push Ryan “Swathe” Gibbons forward as an early candidate for split MVP, based on what we’ve seen so far. The best-performing player on the best team is always a strong shout for the award. 

Nor is it unfair to point out that his mouth and emotions have written checks his consistency hasn’t been able to cash in seasons gone by. 

Thankfully it hasn’t cost him a roster spot this year thus far, but his steadfast determination to not water down who he is in the name of decorum has once again provided us an opportunity for boundless entertainment.

You can catch the gist of it in the Dire Wolves’ excellent Gappin/Cappin series.

His assessment of Order’s Coach Calvin has a glimmer of truth to it – at least on the surface – in so far as Calvin’s teams have historically not gotten a whole lot better as splits have progressed. However right he may or may not be though; immediately after a loss with a big meeting the next week may not have been the best time to say it.

Now Order, who have their tails up after knocking off the surprising Gravitas in strong fashion are coming into this match with no shortage of “bulletin board material”. Swathe is going to have to put his money where his mouth is.

Being realistic, a fired-up Order fighting for their coach is about their only serious chance. Chiefs are just too well-drilled at the moment, and even when things aren’t clean they still find wins. And there’s just as much chance that Swathe’s form will be more than enough as there is that this twitter stoush will fire him up to even greater heights.

The Chiefs are my pick, but look to those player cams; they’ll hopefully tell just as much of a tale as the gameplay will.

Perry’s Week 5, Day 2 Predictions

  • Chiefs def. Order
  • Peace def. Gravitas
  • Pentanet def. Legacy
  • Dire Wolves def. Mammoth

The LCO is back on tonight. Chiefs take on Order right at the start, from 6pm (AEST). Head to our ultimate coverage hub to stay up to date on all things LCO.

Reece Perry
Reece Perry
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