Heavyweight clash will make or break Chiefs top-seed run — LCO Split 2 Predictions: Week 6, Day 1

LCO's top spot is up for grabs.

First up in LCO Split 2’s sixth week, we get a crucial game: a top of table clash that will set the tone for the league’s run home.

The third and final Super Week begins with some absolute bangers.

With three games separating first-place Chiefs and sixth-place Gravitas, one 0-3 week could potentially see a team slip out of a playoff spot.

Week 6 starts with the inform Dire Wolves taking on Order in a third-place battle, before fellow third-place team Peace takes on Legacy Esports, with the latter desperate for the win before their campaign truly falls apart.

Afterward, we will see shock playoff contender Gravitas take on the winless Mammoth as an appetiser to the main event: that top-of-the-table heavyweight clash that could define the run home to LCO Split 2 playoffs.

Taylor’s Pick of the Week: CHF v PGG

The LCO’s two best teams thus far clash this Tuesday night as the Chiefs and Pentanet.GG load onto Summoner’s Rift in a battle of epic proportion. The winner will put themselves in the driver’s seat for securing the top playoff seed.

The Chiefs are still the team to beat in Split 2, but they have slipped in recent weeks. After picking up the win in El Clasico on Tuesday over Legacy, they slipped against Order in a hotly contested back in forth affair, before taking down playoff contenders Gravitas on Friday to get back in the winning books.

Pentanet, on the other hand, has four wins on the bounce after a sloppy split start, and are resembling the team that dominated Split 1 once again. After taking down Peace on Friday of Week 4, they dispatched Mammoth and Legacy in relative ease last week, and closed out Super Week 2 with an Order victory. 

Despite still looking dominant in every game, teams have discovered if they bring their absolute best to the Chiefs, when push comes to shove, they can make them buckle and potentially even break.

Order and Peace had to bring their best to topple them, and I believe PGG has it in them to reach a higher level than that in this must-win contest. Considering just how high Pentanet’s ceiling is — we saw it in Iceland — I expect Chiefs to crumble under the weight of that championship quality, and the Perth org will claim the win.

Taylor’s Week 5, Day 3 Predictions

  • Dire Wolves def. Order 
  • Peace def. Legacy
  • Gravitas def. Mammoth
  • Pentanet def. Chiefs

LCO Super Week 3 starts today: The Chiefs vs Pentanet.GG starts at 9pm (AEST). Catch up on all the Split 2 action in our ultimate coverage hub.

Harry Taylor
Harry Taylor
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