Sliding Doors: LCO 2021 Split 2, Week 6

Welcome back to Sliding Doors for the Door Dash LCO Split 2!

Each week we run through the League of Legends Circuit Oceania teams with sometimes spicy, sometimes nice if/then takes, and, every now and then, an additional bonus one around a special topic.

You might be familiar with this concept if you’re an AFL fan, which is where we got the idea. So without further ado, here are your sliding doors for LCO Split 2, Week 6!

Anyone really desperately needs a W to come their way in life,

just have Swathe come at you on Twitter, and you’ll be swimming in good karma, it seems.

There’s anything left to be mad about in this league-pacing 5 game winning streak,

it’s where the bloody hell has THIS Wolfpack been all split?! And why can’t we have Gappin/Cappin more often while I’m at it?!

You’re a fan of fairy tale runs,

I fear that we are seeing Gravitas turn into a pumpkin before our eyes.

Maths is not your strong suit,

Legacy’s equation is simple. 3-0 against the other lower teams and a reeling Peace, or you can kiss playoffs goodbye.

You’re still looking for the light at the end of this dark tunnel,

rest comfortably in the knowledge that Mammoth give us all hope that one day we too could play in the hallowed rifts of the LCO.

Only Order could just play with that kind of bulletin board material every week,

maybe Puma would actually be on to something when he says they’ll win it all.

It wasn’t working, so you changed the players, and now it’s not working again,

maybe you should focus a little less on draft and a little more on what happens *after* “Welcome to Summoner’s Rift”

You’re looking for a stealth longshot to 0-3 this week,

PGG fans might be a bit more nervous than they’d care to admit. The top team in the league, the hottest form in the league, and your bogey team makes for a scary schedule this week.

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That’s all we have for this week! Check back every Tuesday for more Sliding Doors!

The League of Legends Circuit Oceania returns today.

Reece Perry
Reece Perry
One of Snowball's founders and neck tie aficionado, Reece "Ties" Perry has been in the Oceanic esports scene for years and is passionate about bringing insightful, well-written and engaging content to the masses.



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