LookingForOrg sweep Order to claim ESL ANZ Champs Season 13; both teams qualify for overseas competition

ESL ANZ Champs results, schedule, streams & more.

LookingForOrg have defeated Order 3-0 to take out Season 13 of ESL ANZ Champs. The win would have booked their spot at the ESL Conference — the main qualifier for ESL Pro League Season 15 — had they not already qualified with their win at ESEA Premier.

Instead, it will be Order who claim the ESL Conference qualifier spot with their second place finish after they defeated Vertex 2-1 (16-5, 9-16, 16-14) in the semi-final.

Ground Zero rounded out the top four, but it was all LFO in what is their second straight title in as many weeks, further cementing their position as Oceania’s next-best behind Renegades, who will take to the server this week at the Stockholm Major.

LFO’s Mike “ap0c” Aliferis emphasised how envigorated he and the rest of the team had become, now that chances to compete overseas are returning.

“Just for me personally, part of the reason why I stepped back at the beginning of the year was a lack of opportunities. We won a couple of events, but we couldn’t attend, and it was a bit depressing.”

“Now I think with events popping up, teams are practicing a bit harder — it’s definitely good for the scene.”

Amongst both LFO and Order, three players will make their international debuts at the EPL Conference and main event, and at just 16, James “SaVage” Savage can’t wait to get his hands dirty.

“I was overseas in 2019, just before the pandemic, and for the whole time over there I just wanted to play Counter-Strike against the best in the world.”

“It’s pretty crazy what’s happened in the past two years, obviously getting the opportunity to play with such an experienced group of guys — I’ve been working hard for it for six years.”

“To finally get an opportunity is amazing, and I’ll just try and learn as much as I can off of my guys and the teams we will play.”

The future is certainly looking bright for OCE CS:GO after a rather dark and dismal two-year period following COVID lockdowns.

Three OCE-based line-ups in Renegades, LFO and Order will attend international events over the coming months, including this week’s Stockholm Major, the EPL Conference and ESL Pro League Season 15.

Captain Benson “Liki” Niulia (75-55, +20 K/Diff, 1.28 HLTV rating) stood head and shoulders above all in the grand final whitewash.

Order veteran Ricardo “Rickeh” Mulholland (69-52, 77 ADR, 1.20 HLTV rating) and the ever-consistent Declan “vexite” Portelli (72-67, 84 ADR, 1.10 HLTV rating) kept Order in the hunt in the season finale, with all three maps going down to the wire.

ESL ANZ Champs Schedule & Results

Week 9 Results, Season Playoffs (October 23 – 24)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Saturday, October 23LookingForOrg 2-0 Ground Zero3pm
Order 2-1 Vertex6:30pm
Sunday, October 24LookingForOrg 3-0 Order5pm

Week 8 Results, Stage 2 Bracket Round 3 (October 11 – 14)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Monday, October 11LookingForOrg 2-0 Dynasty5pm
Order 2-1 Vertex7:30pm
Thursday, October 14Vertex 2-0 Kanga5pm
Dynasty 0-2 Ground Zero7:30pm

Week 7 Results, Stage 2 Bracket Round 2 (September 27)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Monday, September 27Ground Zero 2-0 Hazard6pm
CAMO 0-2 Kanga9:30pm

Week 6 Results, Stage 2 Bracket Round 1 (September 13 – 16)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Monday, September 20LookingForOrg 2-0 CAMO6pm
Dynasty 2-0 Kanga9:30pm
Thursday, September 23Hazard 0-2 Order6pm
Vertex 2-1 Ground Zero9:30pm

ESL ANZ Champs Standings (Swiss)

Stage one of the ESL ANZ Champs began in August. Hosting a Swiss format, three wins secures a spot in the double-elimination second stage; three losses, and the team is sent packing.

All Swiss matches are best-of-one, with the final round a best-of-three series.

Stage two will see the qualified teams battle it out in a double-elimination bracket – the top four will meet in the single-elimination playoffs.

With ex-Paradox disbanding, Hazard, who finished ninth in the Swiss stage, will qualify on round differential over CAMO and Warriors.

3Vertex Esports Club3-1
5ex-Paradox Esports3-1
6Ground Zero Gaming3-2
7Kanga Esports3-2
8Dynasty Esports Club3-2
9Hazard Esports2-3
11Warriors Esports2-3
14Caught off Guard1-3

Week 1 Results, Swiss Round 1 (August 16 – August 19)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Monday, August 16Order 16-4 Caught Off Guard6pm
LookingForOrg 16-6 Ground Zero7pm
ex-Paradox 16-3 Alke8pm
Vertex 16-4 Hazard9pm
Thursday, August 19lol123 16-11 Fury6pm
Dynasty 16-5 Warriors7pm
Kanga 16-12 8Ballers8pm
Bandits 14-16 CAMO9pm

Week 2 Results, Swiss Round 2 (August 23 – August 26)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Monday, August 23ex-Paradox 16-12 CAMO6pm
(1-0 Record)Order 16-7 Kanga7pm
Vertex 7-16 lol1238pm
Bandits 25-23 Alke9pm
Thursday, August 26Dynasty 6-16 LookingForOrg6pm
(0-1 Record)8Ballers 16-10 Caught Off Guard7pm
Fury 3-16 Hazard8pm
Ground Zero 16-9 Warriors9pm

Week 3 Results, Swiss Round 3 (August 30 – September 2)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Monday, August 30Order 16-9 lol1236pm
LookingForOrg 16-5 ex-Paradox7pm
Vertex 16-6 Ground Zero8pm
Dynasty 16-10 Bandits9pm
Thursday, September 2Kanga 16-12 Hazard6pm
CAMO 19-17 8Ballers7pm
Caught off Guard 16-14 Fury8pm
Alke 14-16 Warriors9pm

Week 4 Results, Swiss Round 4 (September 6 – September 8)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Monday, September 6Vertex 16-9 Dynasty6pm
ex-Paradox 16-12 Kanga7pm
lol123 16-7 CAMO8pm
Wednesday, September 88Ballers 9-16 Warriors6pm
Hazard 16-10 Caught off Guard7pm
Bandits 9-16 Ground Zero8pm

Week 5 Results, Swiss Round 5 (September 13 – September 16)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Monday, September 13CAMO 1-2 Ground Zero6pm
Kanga 2-0 Warriors9:30pm
Thursday, September 16Dynasty 2-1 Hazard6pm

ESL ANZ Champs S13 Rosters

Vertex Esports ClubBRACEpzADDICTapocdudRoflko
ex-Paradox Esportsekulbedonkarbzversaxertz
Dynasty Esports Clubyourwombatsupaspidokmatr1kzrhys
Kanga EsportsDANZvalentinoEdlinnTjPryza
Warriors EsportsApeXdirtyMingovideqnyHaZ
AlkebanditMr SharkOilysliparyVelocity
Hazard EsportsthrilanubN1ghtraidMechanicalcoachyy
Caught off GuardMisfitMega2FRevviridiankayoh
Ground Zero Gamingversarekonzmizzyguagnexar

Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas Taifalos
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