ESL Pro League S15 Conference: Renegades, ORDER out means LookingForOrg will solely represent OCE at Pro League

ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference schedule, results, streams and more.

LookingForOrg will be the only Oceanic squad representing the region at ESL Pro League Season 15, after both Renegades and ORDER were eliminated from the EPL Conference.

  • RNG drop to Eternal Fire, ORDER downed against LDLC
  • Extra Salt, Movistar Riders & GODSENT qualify for Group Stage
  • LFO will fly the flag for OCE at Pro League in March 2022

Despite their best efforts, both Oceanic hopes were dashed at the ESL Pro League Conference, with both managing just one series win each.

ORDER kicked off the night with a win over RBG 2-0 (16-9, 19-17) — the organisation’s first international series win in over two years.

Veterans Ricardo “Rickeh” Mulholland (47-32, 83 ADR, 1.30 HLTV rating) and Karlo “USTILO” Pivac (49-39, 92 ADR, 1.29 HLTV rating) paved the path for ORDER’s victory, but it would prove to be short lived.

The squad failed to back up their earlier result in their series against French squad LDLC, going down 0-2 (6-16, 5-16) to be eliminated from the Conference.

“Although it wasn’t the way we wanted to go, there’s still a lot of positives coming out of this trip,” said Declan “Vexite” Portelli, who dazzled in his international debut.

“Regardless of the result, we’re still happy with the experience and results we’ve gotten by coming to Europe,” said teammate Matthew “Valiance” Hartrick.

“[We] still have a few more days of practice here, so we’ll make the most of it.”

It was a similar result for Renegades, who struggled on their T side against Turkish squad Eternal Fire in their elimination match.

RNG managed just 19 T rounds in their series losses to Extra Salt and Eternal Fire, with the Turks proving too strong, defeating the OCE champions 2-0 (16-11, 16-8).

“It was a disappointing couple of events to end the year,” remarked Joshua “INS” Potter following their Conference elimination.

“We have a lot of work to do if we want to be anywhere near the level we need to be to compete in Europe.”

With both teams eliminated from the EPL Conference, LookingForOrg will be Oceania’s only squad representing the region at ESL Pro League next year, with the group stage set to begin in early March.

Extra Salt and Movistar Riders were the first two sides qualified through to the group stage, with GODSENT rounding out the qualifiers through the lower bracket over Sprout.

ESL Pro League S15 Conference Results

Matchday 1 — Tuesday, September 23

MatchTeamsTime (AEDT)
Upper BracketMAD Lions 2-0 EC Brugge11:30pm
Opening RoundSharks 1-2 LDLC11:30pm
Extra Salt 2-1 Sprout2:45am
Renegades 2-0 Renewal2:45am
GODSENT 2-1 Wisla Krakow2:45am
Eternal Fire 1-2 Endpoint6am
ORDER 0-2 Anonymo6am
Movistar Riders 2-1 RBG6am

Matchday 2 — Wednesday. September 24

MatchTeamsTime (AEDT)
Upper Bracket Quarter Final 1MAD Lions 2-1 LDLC11:30pm
Lower Bracket Round 1EC Brugge 0-2 Sharks11:30pm
Upper Bracket Quarter Final 2Renegades 0-2 Extra Salt2:45am
Lower Bracket Round 1Renewal 0-2 Sprout2:45am
Upper Bracket Quarter Final 3GODSENT 2-1 Endpoint6am
Upper Bracket Quarter Final 4Anonymo 1-2 Movistar Riders6am

Matchday 3 — Thursday, September 25

MatchTeamsTime (AEDT)
Lower Bracket Round 1ORDER 2-0 RBG11:30pm
Lower Bracket Round 1Wisla Krakow 0-2 Eternal Fire11:30pm
Lower Bracket Round 2Sharks 1-2 Anonymo2:45am
Lower Bracket Round 2Sprout 2-1 Endpoint2:45am
Lower Bracket Round 2Renegades 0-2 Eternal Fire6am
Lower Bracket Round 2LDLC 2-0 ORDER6am

Matchday 4 — Friday. September 26

MatchTeamsTime (AEDT)
Loser Bracket Round 3Anonymo 1-2 Sprout11:30pm
Loser Bracket Round 3LDLC 2-0 Eternal Fire2:45am
Winner Bracket Semi-FinalMAD Lions 1-2 Extra Salt6am

Matchday 5 — Saturday. September 27

MatchTeamsTime (AEDT)
Winner Bracket Semi-FinalGODSENT 0-2 Movistar Riders11:30pm
Loser Bracket Semi-FinalSprout 2-0 MAD Lions2:45am
Loser Bracket Semi-FinalLDLC 1-2 GODSENT6am

Matchday 6 — Sunday. September 28

MatchTeamsTime (AEDT)
Loser Bracket FinalGODSENT 2-1 Sprout6am

ESL Pro League S15 Conference Rosters

The ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference saw sixteen teams from across the globe battle it out for just three spots at the EPL S15 group stage.

Spanish-based Movistar Riders entered the event as the highest ranked squad following their Masters Espana qualification and a solid run at the PGL Stockholm Major.

Renegades earned qualification through their victory at DreamHack Open OCE in September, while ORDER joined thanks to their second place result at ESL ANZ Champs.

Normally, the ESL ANZ Champs victor would have qualified here, but LookingForOrg’s ESEA-P S38 victory already earned them a spot in the group stage for ESL Pro League Season 15.

Extra SaltDH Open June NAJToSeeFaNgMarKEfloppy
GODSENTDH Open September NATACOfelpslattob4rtiNdumau
RBGESEA-P S38 NAWalcoHexTwizchopjitter
SharksDH Open September SAjntpanccLucaozyrealziNzevy
MAD LionsDH Open NovemberTMBWoro2ksausoljLb0RUP
AnonymoESEA-P S38 EUKylarSnaxinnocentsnatchierallen
RenewalDH Open June Asiadobukabalnin9rateNEUZ
RenegadesDH Open September OCEmaltaSicoINSHatzaliStair
ORDERESL ANZ ChampsValianceUSTILORickehJ1rahVexite
EndpointUK PremiershipSurrealCRUC1ALMiGHTYMAXBOROSNertz
SproutESL MeisterschaftSpiidifaveNslaxz-raalzKEi
Wisła KrakówMistrzostwa PolskiSZPEROjedqrGoofyMarkośphr
Movistar RidersMasters EspañamopozALEXDeathZzSunPayusdav1g
LDLCChampionnat National FRSIXERhAdjiLambertMakaKeoz
Eternal FireTürkiye ŞampiyonasıXANTARESwoxicCalyximoRRxfl0ud
EC BruggeBenelux/Swiss Play-InStev0semattyn0ticesimixritchiEE
PhotographyESL, HLTV
Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas "Taffy" Taifalos got his start publishing the escapades of some of Australia's pioneers in Counter-Strike and Dota overseas. Now, he turns his eye to events closer to home, from grassroots projects to the height of Oceanic competition and everything in-between. He still hopes for the day Dota makes a glorious return to the pinnacle of OCE esports.



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