LCO 2022 Split 1: Order claim maiden LCO Split 1 Championship & ticket to MSI in 3-2 victory against Chiefs

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Order have done the impossible. A 9-0 playoff sweep of Dire Wolves, Peace and Pentanet saw them into the Grand Final against a high-flying Chiefs, and while it may have taken them all five games, the lower bracket legends have claimed the LCO Split 1 championship.

  • Order spoil Chiefs all-but-perfect season
  • Five games needed in thrilling Split 1 Grand Final
  • With the win, Order claim Oceania’s sole spot at MSI in Busan, South Korea

April 11, 2022 — Order fans will remember the date forever.

Given little chance entering the playoffs in the lower bracket — with the pressure that a single loss would end their split — Order flipped the script on the LCO and have claimed the Split 1 championship from nowhere.

A 9-0 run in the lower bracket with sweeps against Dire Wolves, Peace and and Pentanet, who went the distance against Chiefs in the upper bracket final, saw Order enter the grand final as dark horses at best, but otherwise heavy underdogs.

For Chiefs, it was an almost perfect season. Just two losses in the regular split saw them heavily favoured as the post-season began, and other than a nail-biting Pentanet series, nothing was going to stop them.

But, like magic, Order found a way.

“I mean, I’m at a bit of a loss for words,” said Nathan “Puma” Puma just after their game five win.

“It just shows how hard we worked for this. I think everything has happened in our lives has led up to this moment…I really don’t have any words. It’s really insane.

“It felt like everything was worth it, all the sacrifices we’ve made in that one moment.”

Their victory sees them claim their first LCO Split Championship, and thus, Oceania’s representative spot at the Mid-Season Invitational in Busan, set to begin May 10.

Final LCO Split 1 Standings

1Chiefs Esports Club19-2
5Dire Wolves10-11

LCO 2022 Split 1 schedule & results

Split 1 Playoffs Schedule & Results (March 28 – April 11)

DateGameTime (AEDT)
Monday, March 28Peace 0-3 Pentanet5pm
Order 3-0 Dire Wolves8pm
Tuesday, March 29Chiefs 3-2 Pentanet6pm
Monday, April 4Order 3-0 Peace6pm
Tuesday, April 5Pentanet 0-3 Order6pm
Monday, April 11Chiefs 2-3 Order6pm

Week 1 results (January 24 – January 25)

DateGameTime (AEDT)
Monday, January 24Peace 1-0 Mammoth6pm
Gravitas 0-1 Dire Wolves7pm
Chiefs 1-0 Order8pm
Pentanet 1-0 Kanga9pm
Tuesday, January 25Gravitas 0-1 Order6pm
Mammoth 0-1 Chiefs7pm
Kanga 1-0 Dire Wolves8pm
Pentanet 0-1 Peace9pm

Week 2 results (January 31 – February 1)

DateGameTime (AEDT)
Monday, January 31Order 1-0 Kanga6pm
Dire Wolves 0-1 Peace7pm
Chiefs 1-0 Gravitas8pm
Mammoth 1-0 Pentanet9pm
Tuesday, February 1Pentanet 1-0 Dire Wolves6pm
Kanga 0-1 Chiefs7pm
Peace 1-0 Order8pm
Gravitas 0-1 Mammoth9pm

Week 3 results (February 7 – February 8)

DateGameTime (AEDT)
Monday, February 7Gravitas 1-0 Kanga6pm
Order 0-1 Pentanet7pm
Chiefs 0-1 Peace8pm
Mammoth 1-0 Dire Wolves9pm
Tuesday, February 8Peace 1-0 Gravitas6pm
Kanga 0-1 Mammoth7pm
Pentanet 0-1 Chiefs8pm
Dire Wolves 0-1 Order9pm

Week 4 results (February 14 – February 16)

DateGameTime (AEDT)
Monday, February 14Kanga 1-0 Peace6pm
Chiefs 1-0 Dire Wolves7pm
Mammoth 0-1 Order8pm
Gravitas 0-1 Pentanet9pm
Tuesday, February 15Peace 1-0 Mammoth6pm
Kanga 0-1 Pentanet7pm
Gravitas 0-1 Dire Wolves8pm
Chiefs 1-0 Order9pm
Wednesday, February 16Mammoth 0-1 Chiefs6pm
Order 1-0 Gravitas7pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Kanga8pm
Pentanet 0-1 Peace9pm

Week 5 results (February 21 – February 23)

DateGameTime (AEDT)
Monday, February 21Kanga 0-1 Order6pm
Peace 1-0 Dire Wolves7pm
Pentanet 1-0 Mammoth8pm
Gravitas 0-1 Chiefs9pm
Tuesday, February 22Dire Wolves 0-1 Pentanet6pm
Mammoth 1-0 Gravitas7pm
Order 0-1 Peace8pm
Chiefs 1-0 Kanga9pm
Wednesday, February 22Dire Wolves 1-0 Mammoth6pm
Pentanet 0-1 Order7pm
Peace 0-1 Chiefs8pm
Kanga 1-0 Gravitas9pm

Week 6 results (February 28 – March 2)

DateGameTime (AEDT)
Monday, February 28Chiefs 1-0 Pentanet6pm
Gravitas 1-0 Peace7pm
Mammoth 0-1 Kanga8pm
Order 0-1 Dire Wolves9pm
Tuesday, March 1Dire Wolves 0-1 Chiefs6pm
Order 1-0 Mammoth7pm
Pentanet 1-0 Gravitas8pm
Peace 1-0 Kanga9pm
Wednesday, March 2Peace 1-0 Mammoth6pm
Pentanet 1-0 Kanga7pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Gravitas8pm
Chiefs 1-0 Order9pm

Week 7 results (March 7 – March 8)

DateGameTime (AEDT)
Monday, March 7Order 1-0 Gravitas6pm
Chiefs 1-0 Mammoth7pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Kanga8pm
Peace 0-1 Pentanet9pm
Tuesday, March 8Order 1-0 Kanga6pm
Peace 1-0 Dire Wolves7pm
Pentanet 1-0 Mammoth8pm
Chiefs 1-0 Gravitas9pm

Week 8 results (March 14 – March 15)

DateGameTime (AEDT)
Monday, March 14Pentanet 1-0 Dire Wolves6pm
Chiefs 1-0 Kanga7pm
Peace 1-0 Order8pm
Mammoth 1-0 Gravitas9pm
Tuesday, March 15Kanga 1-0 Gravitas6pm
Pentanet 1-0 Order7pm
Peace 0-1 Chiefs8pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Mammoth9pm

Week 9 results (March 21 – March 22)

DateGameTime (AEDT)
Monday, March 21Chiefs 0-1 Pentanet6pm
Peace 0-1 Gravitas7pm
Kanga 1-0 Mammoth8pm
Order 0-1 Dire Wolves9pm
Tuesday, March 22Chiefs 1-0 Dire Wolves6pm
Order 1-0 Mammoth7pm
Pentanet 1-0 Gravitas8pm
Peace 1-0 Kanga9pm
Tally switched from Peace to a star-studded new Chiefs roster in the offseason.

LCO 2022 team rosters

TeamTopJungleMidAD CarrySupport
Dire WolvesZorenousGoodoKyoseFrostsBulldog
GravitasTyranForeignerDafeungThomas ShenVxpir
Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas "Taffy" Taifalos got his start publishing the escapades of some of Australia's pioneers in Counter-Strike and Dota overseas. Now, he turns his eye to events closer to home, from grassroots projects to the height of Oceanic competition and everything in-between. He still hopes for the day Dota makes a glorious return to the pinnacle of OCE esports.



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