ESL ANZ Champs Season 14: Renegades claim first national title of 2022 in 3-0 whitewash of Vertex

ESL ANZ Champs results, schedule, streams and more.

Vertex may have gone down in the ESL ANZ Champs grand final, but try telling them that — both Vertex and Renegades will represent Oceania at the ESL Pro League Conference in Jönköping later in June.

Nevertheless, Renegades emerge as the kings of Oceania once more with their 3-0 (1-0, 16-12, 16-11) victory in the ESL ANZ Champs grand final — their first national title for the calendar year.

Jay “Liazz” Tregillgas (51-27, 1.58 rating) is back to his best in this RNG unit, with his 30-bomb on Nuke his first in over two years since his tenure in 100 Thieves.

It was a narrow first half with RNG leading 8-7 before switching to the CT side and locking out Vertex with six of the first seven rounds.

Vertex adapted and took four of the last six, but the lead was already built up, and time ran out for the Wolfpack at 16-12.

Needing Dust 2 to stay alive in the final, Vertex hit the ground running, taking the first four rounds.

RNG broke back to take five CT rounds in the middle of the half but Vertex edged back, leading 9-6.

It’s as close as Vertex would come.

Vertex ran out of gas on the CT side, and RNG punished them — eight straight T rounds put the map well out of reach, with the Wolfpack managing just two CT rounds to end their otherwise successful ANZ Champs campaign.

It’s a short break for the Oceanic teams before qualifiers begin for Oceania’s first BLAST qualifier, except for Renegades, who fly out on Wednesday to attend the PGL Antwerp Major.

ESL ANZ Champs S14 results

Week 8 schedule, Playoffs (April 27 – May 1)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Wednesday, April 27Renegades 2-0 Antic5pm
DGG Esports 2-0 Pineapple on Pizza
Paradox 0-2 Order7:30pm
Vertex 2-0 1620 Kings
Thursday, April 28Renegades 2-0 DGG Esports5pm
Paradox 2-1 1620 Kings
Order 1-2 Vertex7:30pm
Antic 2-1 Pineapple on Pizza
Friday, April 29Renegades 2-0 Vertex5pm
Paradox 0-2 DGG Esports
Order 2-0 Antic7:30pm
Saturday, April 30Order 2-0 DGG Esports5pm
Vertex 2-0 Order7:30pm
Sunday, May 1Renegades 3-0 Vertex5pm

Week 1 & 2 results, Swiss Round 1 (February 28 – March 10)

DateGameTime (AEDT)
Monday, February 28Order 2-1 Camo6pm
Vertex 2-0 Dynasty8:30pm
Thursday, March 3Renegades 2-0 Collateral6pm
Paradox 2-0 Hysteria8:30pm
Monday, March 7Antic 2-0 Nut-E Gaming6pm
Sanguine 0-2 DGG Esports8:30pm
Thursday, March 10Lonely 5 2-0 Kanga Esports6pm
1620 Kings 1-2 Pineapple on Pizza8:30pm

Week 3 results, Swiss Round 2 (March 14 – March 17)

DateGameTime (AEDT)
Monday, March 14Renegades 2-0 Pineapple on Pizza6pm
Lonely 5 1-2 Order8:30pm
Tuesday, March 15Paradox 2-0 Antic6pm
Vertex 2-1 DGG Esports8:30pm
Wednesday, March 161620 Kings W-FF Collateral6pm
Camo 2-1 Kanga8:30pm
Thursday, March 17Nut-E Gaming 2-1 Hysteria6pm
Sanguine 2-1 Dynasty8:30pm

Week 4 & 5 results, Swiss Round 3 (March 21 – March 24)

DateGameTime (AEDT)
Monday, March 21Renegades 2-1 Order6pm
Dynasty 2-0 Collateral8:30pm
Thursday, March 24Paradox 2-1 Vertex6pm
Lonely 5 2-1 Sanguine8:30pm
Monday, March 28Antic 0-2 1620 Kings6pm
DGG Esports 2-1 Nut-E Gaming8:30pm
Monday, March 31Pineapple on Pizza 2-0 Camo6pm
Kanga 2-1 Hysteria8:30pm

Week 6 results, Swiss Round 4 (April 4 – April 7)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Monday, April 4Vertex 2-0 Lonely 56pm
Nut-E Gaming 1-2 Dynasty8:30pm
Tuesday, April 5Order 0-2 Pineapple on Pizza6pm
Sanguine 2-0 Kanga8:30pm
Thursday, April 71620 Kings 0-2 DGG Esports6pm
Antic 2-1 Camo8:30pm

Week 7 results, Swiss Round 5 (April 12 – April 14)

DateGameTime (AEST)
Tuesday, April 121620 Kings 2-0 Dynasty6pm
Order 2-0 Sanguine8:30pm
Thursday, April 14Lonely 5 1-2 Antic6pm

ESL ANZ Champs S14 — Standings (Swiss)

Stage one of the ESL ANZ Champs began February 28. Hosting a Swiss format, three wins secured a spot in the double-elimination second stage; three losses, and the team was sent packing.

All Swiss matches were best-of-one, with the final round a best-of-three series.

Stage two saw qualified teams battle it out in a double-elimination bracket.

3Vertex Esports Club3-1
Pineapple on Pizza3-1
DGG Esports3-1
61620 Kings3-2
Antic Esports3-2
9Lonely 52-3
Dynasty Esports Club2-3
Kanga Esports1-3
Nut-E Gaming1-3
Collateral Esports0-3

ESL ANZ Champs S14 rosters

UPDATE March 10: Isaac “prodigy” Dahlan announced that Darcy “Mr Shark” Clarke will permanently replace Julian “JoolzCheat” Griffin going forward.

UPDATE March 14: Long-time FPS veteran Tyler “tucks” Reilly, currently competing for Order’s Valorant division, will replace ekul as Order CS’ temporary stand-in as their hunt for a new fifth continues.

UPDATE March 17: Going forward, DoMilk will compete under “Collateral Esports” across all currently qualified events.

UPDATE March 21: It was confirmed last week that 8Ballers would be closing operations, with both the main and female line-up now searching for a new home.

Overt’s CS:GO squad will also be departing their organisation; the teams will compete as ex-8Ballers and ex-Overt henceforth.

UPDATE March 22: ex-Overt have been acquired by Antic Esports following their departure from Overt yesterday.

UPDATE March 31: Tyler “tucks” Reilly officially replaces Luke “ekul” Blakey at Order. The CS:GO-turned-Valorant veteran returns to Counter-Strike officially after two years at Order’s Valorant division. He previously represented Chiefs for five years, seeing the squad to three IEM Sydney showings.

UPDATE April 4: ex-FURY, Kingsmen will compete as “Lonely 5” henceforth.

UPDATE April 27: ex-8Ballers will compete as “Pineapple on Pizza” henceforth.

Vertex Esports ClubBRACEpzRoflkoapocdudmalta
Paradox EsportsdangeRchelleosDannyGnettikasap
Antic EsportsSkulLObZenrekonzdamyoFiend
1620 KingscheeseballcookienauhScr1ptforevint
Lonely 5toMoliffcallum_murrayBaN4naTerryyy
DGG Esportszephyourwombatmizzygumpversa
Kanga EsportsDANZm0ntstreatyTjPSlimey
Dynasty Esports ClubsupaTHRILAMechanicalnubN1ghtraid
Pineapple on PizzabogeymanhProdigyKobeShoeyMr Shark
Collateral EsportsjaykethCraftyybeaunathanharbor
Nut-E Gamingmega2fsuparShatallajVelocity
Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas "Taffy" Taifalos got his start publishing the escapades of some of Australia's pioneers in Counter-Strike and Dota overseas. Now, he turns his eye to events closer to home, from grassroots projects to the height of Oceanic competition and everything in-between. He still hopes for the day Dota makes a glorious return to the pinnacle of OCE esports.



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