PGL Antwerp Major 2022: APAC reps both fall as IHC exit with spirited performance against Imperial

PGL Antwerp Major streams, schedule, results and more.

The first Counter-Strike Major of 2022 is finally here. 24 teams enter the PGL Antwerp Major, but only one can stamp their name in history and claim CS:GO’s greatest prize.

  • Renegades out on day two; 0-2 result against IHC
  • Aussies exit after losses to forZe, Eternal Fire & IHC
  • IHC admirable in 1-2 defeat to Imperial

Renegades have been bundled out of the PGL Antwerp Major by fellow APAC representatives IHC 2-0 (16-10, 16-12) in what has been a week to forget for the Australian squad.

RNG were unable to post a single map win at the Major, with heavy defeats to forZe (16-9) and Eternal Fire (16-2) on day one meaning a reverse sweep would be necessary to keep their campaign alive.

They wouldn’t make it past the first best-of-three.

IHC, who defeated RNG at the APAC RMR 2-0, doubled up again in today’s eliminator, taking down the Aussies on Inferno and Dust 2 to book their spot in the 1-2 bracket.

Jordan “Hatz” Bajic didn’t mince words following the loss. “[A] depressing and embarrassing individual performance over the tournament for me,” he said on Twitter.

“I really did prepare as much as I could but it is what it is — sorry everyone.”

“Another embarrassing event from me, not really sure where to go from here,” remarked Joshua “INS” Potter after the IHC defeat.

RNG’s exit in Antwerp ends their season earlier than expected, with the side struggling to post wins internationally following a spate of changes.

Jay “Liazz” Tregillgas joined the squad shortly before IEM Katowice, meaning RNG had minimal practice with their new fifth — where they would ultimately exit with just a series win over Mongolian squad Renewal.

Likewise here in Antwerp, Simon “Sico” Williams stepped up to the Renegades captaincy but again, with minimal practice before the Major, the squad failed to showcase their best.

Fellow APAC representatives IHC Esports fell short against Brazilian squad Imperial on day three.

IHC came out of the gates swinging with a brilliant 16-11 result on Mirage, led by a 30-bomb from Tengis “sk0R” Batjargal.

Dropping Overpass 16-10, IHC needed Inferno to survive at the Major, and try as they did the Brazilians proved too strong, taking out map three 16-12.

PGL Antwerp Major — Streams

The PGL Antwerp Major streams live on Twitch. Missed the action? VODs are available on the respective Twitch channels immediately following the day’s action, as well as on PGL’s YouTube channel.

Primary Stream: PGL (Twitch)

Secondary Stream: PGL_CSGO (Twitch)

PGL Antwerp Major — Challenger Stage Standings (Swiss)

The PGL Antwerp Major Challengers Stage features a Swiss format. Opening and subsequent matches are best-of-one; matches that would see a team progress or eliminated are best-of-three series.

1G2 Esports3-0
Team Vitality3-0
3Team Spirit3-1
6Team Liquid3-2
Bad News Eagles3-2
Imperial Esports3-2
12Eternal Fire1-3
IHC Esports1-3
159z Team0-3

PGL Antwerp Major — Schedule

Challenger Stage, Day 4 (May 12) – Round 5

Date & MatchGameTime (AEST)
Round 5 Final QualifiersAstralis 0-2 Liquid8pm
Bad News Eagles 2-0 MIBR11:45pm
forZe 1-2 Imperial3:30am

Challenger Stage, Day 1 (May 9) – Round 1 & 2

Date & MatchGameTime (AEST)
Round 1Vitality 1-0 Complexity8pm
Opening Matches (0-0)Bad News Eagles 1-0 Eternal Fire
G2 1-0 Liquid9:15pm
forZe 1-0 Renegades
Astralis 1-0 IHC10:30pm
Imperial 0-1 Spirit
MIBR 0-1 Outsiders11:45pm
ENCE 1-0 9z
Round 2 High (1-0)G2 1-0 Spirit1:30am
Round 2 Low (0-1)Eternal Fire 1-0 Renegades
Round 2 High (1-0)forZe 1-0 Bad New Eagles2:15am
Round 2 Low (0-1)Complexity 1-0 IHC
Round 2 High (1-0)ENCE 1-0 Outsiders3:30am
Round 2 Low (0-1)Imperial 1-0 Liquid
Round 2 High (1-0)Astralis 0-1 Vitality4:45am
Round 2 Low (0-1)MIBR 1-0 9z

Challenger Stage, Day 2 (May 10) – Round 3

Date & MatchGameTime (AEST)
Mid Bo1 (1-1)Spirit 1-0 Eternal Fire8pm
Bad News Eagles 1-0 Imperial
Astralis 1-0 MIBR9:15pm
Complexity 0-1 Outsiders
High Bo3 (2-0)Vitality 2-1 forZe10:30pm
Low Bo3 (0-2)Renegades 0-2 IHC
High Bo3 (2-0)ENCE 1-2 G22:15am
Low Bo3 (0-2)Liquid 2-0 9z

Challenger Stage, Day 3 (May 11) – Round 4

Date & MatchGameTime (AEST)
High Match (2-1)Astralis 0-2 Spirit8pm
Low Match (1-2)Imperial 2-1 IHC
High Match (2-1)forZe 1-2 Outsiders11:45pm
Low Match (1-2)Complexity 0-2 Liquid
High Match (2-1)ENCE 2-0 Bad News Eagles3:30am
Low Match (1-2)MIBR 2-0 Eternal Fire

PGL Antwerp Major — Rosters

Photo: Joao Ferreira, PGL
Jay “Liazz” Tregillgas makes his first Major appearance since finishing top four in Berlin.
— Legends —
Copenhagen FlamesjabbinicoodozroeJHooXiZyphon
Cloud 9nafanysh1rointerzAx1LeHobbit
FaZe ClanrainbrokyTwistzzkarriganropz
Ninjas in PyjamasREZPlopskihampuses3tagBrollan
Natus Vinceres1mpleelectronicBoombl4Perfectob1t
— Challengers —
ENCE SnappiSpinxdychahadesmaden
G2 EsportsJaCkzhuNterNiKom0NESYAleksib
Team VitalityapEXZywOomisutaaadupreehMagisk
Imperial EsportsFalleNferfnxboltzVINI
Bad News EaglesSENER1gxx-juanflatroosinnopsyyrigoN
— Contenders —
Eternal FireXANTARESwoxicCalyximoRRxfl0ud
Team SpiritchoppermagixxdegsterPatsiS1ren
Complexity GamingJTFaNgfloppyGrimjunior
IHC EsportsbLitzTechno4Kkabalnin9sk0R
Team LiquidEliGENAFoSeeshoxnitr0
9z Teamdgtmaxroxlukendav1d
Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas "Taffy" Taifalos got his start publishing the escapades of some of Australia's pioneers in Counter-Strike and Dota overseas. Now, he turns his eye to events closer to home, from grassroots projects to the height of Oceanic competition and everything in-between. He still hopes for the day Dota makes a glorious return to the pinnacle of OCE esports.



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