Must-win for both as rising Kanga take on crumbling Pentanet — LCO Split 2 Predictions: Week 7 Day 2

A win here or there, and the split standings drastically change.

LCO Split 2’s second round robin concluded last night, and while the league’s underdogs put up an exceptional fight, none could quite close out a win. Can they put one on the board in tonight’s matches?

Week 7, Day 1 commenced as Pentanet collapsed after securing the early advantage in what can only be described as a series of unfortunate events — Hyunjin “Balkhan” Choi went far too deep in a swift trinity, heavily swinging the game into Dire Wolves favour.

Finally securing a stable roster, Gravitas are now incrementally making improvements that hopefully will transition to 2023, successfully gaining a sizable lead against Peace.

However, they were unable to nail their first win for the season with a crucial move playing for infernal soul missing it’s mark — it was all that Peace needed to swing the game.

In a running theme for the evening, an improved Kanga put the fight to the Chiefs, as playoff hopes pressures are on the rise. A bloody game, this very nearly could have been the Chiefs’ first loss of the split; however, a fight at baron won on a knife’s edge was all it took for the league leaders to snowball to victory.

Returning to expected programming, Order took a convincing win against Mammoth. Mammoth, while still mathematically in the race, are unlikely to make it to playoffs this season.

As we commence the final round robin this evening, the fight between Kanga and Pentanet could prove crucial for the shaping of the playoffs bracket in the pick of the week.

Matthews’ Game of the Week: Pentanet (7-7) v Kanga (6-7)

As play-offs grow nigh, the race in the middle of the ladder grows tighter. Kanga’s playoff hopes depend on their ability to pick up at least two, but most probably three victories against teams above them, including very expected wins against Mammoth and Gravitas.

Kanga commence the final round robin against Pentanet, who simply continue to look out of all sorts. Pentanet, while 7-7, have gone 1-7 against teams above them in the ladder, capitalizing early in the split to beat an out of form Order.

Crucially, Pentanet hold the head-to-head, taking the victory against Kanga in their last two outings. Since their last meeting, Kanga has been on the up, seeing notable improvements over the course of the split, with the inclusion of head coach Calvin Lee and return of ADC Samil “Leemas” Kip.

Pentanet have more than enough potential to make a strong playoffs run but will need to start picking up momentum against the improved Kanga, as in current form, it is entirely possible we see this roster missing the playoffs altogether.

Coming into LCO 2022, on paper, many considered Pentanet to be a super team, securing the pairing of imports Hyunjin “Balkhan” Choi and Heemin “Yuri” Cha, and the return of Jake “Rogue” Sharwood to Oceania.

Few would have expected Pentanet’s performance in the second split to have crumbled with a world championship appearance on the line.

Due to the improved performance of Kanga, and Pentanet’s inability to defeat teams above them this split, I lean in favour of Kanga to pick up the victory in what is a crucial match with potential playoff implications for both teams.

Matthews’ Week 7 Day 2 Predictions

Order def. Gravitas
Chiefs def. Mammoth
Kanga def. Pentanet
Peace def. Dire Wolves

The LCO Split 2 resumes tonight at 6pm AEST, with game of the day Pentanet vs. Kanga set to kick off at 8pm AEST. Catch up on all the split details in our ultimate coverage hub.

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Callum Matthews
Callum Matthews
Callum “CDM” Matthews has a history working inside of the Oceanic League of Legends community in coaching and analytical positions. He uses this prior experience to build informed opinions on all things League of Legends.



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