LCO 2022 Split 2: Chiefs defeat Pentanet in four to claim dominant Split victory

LCO 2022 Split 2 schedule, results, streams, rosters and more.

It was as dominant as it gets. The Chiefs stand head and shoulders above all, taking the LCO Split 2 crown in Sunday’s 3-1 victory over Pentanet to book their tickets to Worlds.

  • 27-1; Chiefs drop one game on way to LCO title
  • First split win in six years for Champions
  • Chiefs to represent OCE at Worlds later this year

Utter dominance.

There’s no other way to describe The Chiefs’ performance this LCO split, as they powered through Pentanet 3-1 in the grand final at Margaret Court Arena last Sunday.

The squad complete their split with a 27-1 record across the regular season and playoffs, and while they were on for the first undefeated split in years, that was never The Chiefs’ focus.

“Six years ago I won my first ever split with The Chiefs,” said Quin “Raes” Korebrits following their grand final win.

“Part of me refused to give up until I finally won with them again.

“The curse is f*****g over — see you in Mexico.”

“DreamHack was amazing and it was amazing meeting everyone and playing in front of a live crowd,” added Ryan “Aladoric” Richardson.

“Aussie esports will never be topped.”

It’s sweet release for The Chiefs, who topped Split 1 this year but fell in the grand final to Order. This win means they’ll return to Worlds for the first time since 2016’s International Wildcard.

But in front of a packed-out Margaret Court Arena, The Chiefs lived up to the expectations set upon them after a flawless regular split and playoffs run.

After two one-sided affairs to start the final, The Chiefs were in the box seat for a lossless season. But Pentanet bit back in game three to deny the juggernaut a sweep.

Pentanet continued their climb back into the series in game four, but all it took for Chiefs was one perfect teamfight, and they found it to end the final there and then.

The Chiefs hit the Worlds’ stage in late September.

LCO 2022 Split 2 Playoffs

LCO Split 2: Playoffs Schedule & Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, August 15Order 3-2 Pentanet6pm
Tue, August 16Dire Wolves 1-3 Kanga6pm
Mon, August 22Chiefs 3-0 Order6pm
Tue, August 23Pentanet 3-0 Kanga6pm
DreamHack Melbourne
Fri, September 2Order 0-3 Pentanet6pm
Sun, September 4Chiefs 3-1 Pentanet4pm

LCO 2022 Split 2 Ladder

1The Chiefs21-0
4Dire Wolves11-10
5Kanga Esports10-11

LCO 2022 Split 2 Schedule & Results

LCO Split 2: Week 1 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, June 6Gravitas 0-1 Order6pm
Pentanet 1-0 Kanga7pm
Peace 1-0 Dire Wolves8pm
Chiefs 1-0 Mammoth9pm
Tue, June 7Kanga 0-1 Peace6pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Gravitas7pm
Mammoth 0-1 Pentanet8pm
Order 0-1 Chiefs9pm

LCO Split 2: Week 2 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, June 13Peace 0-1 Mammoth6pm
Pentanet 1-0 Order7pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Kanga8pm
Gravitas 0-1 Chiefs9pm
Tue, June 14Chiefs 1-0 Pentanet6pm
Mammoth 0-1 Dire Wolves7pm
Order 1-0 Peace8pm
Kanga 1-0 Gravitas9pm

LCO Split 2: Week 3 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, June 20Kanga 1-0 Mammoth6pm
Peace 0-1 Chiefs7pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Order8pm
Gravitas 0-1 Pentanet9pm
Tue, June 21Order 1-0 Kanga6pm
Mammoth 1-0 Gravitas7pm
Chiefs 1-0 Dire Wolves8pm
Pentanet 0-1 Peace9pm

LCO Split 2: Week 4 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, June 27Mammoth 0-1 Order6pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Pentanet7pm
Gravitas 0-1 Peace8pm
Kanga 0-1 Chiefs9pm
Tue, June 28Order 1-0 Gravitas6pm
Mammoth 0-1 Chiefs7pm
Kanga 0-1 Pentanet8pm
Dire Wolves 0-1 Peace9pm

LCO Split 2: Week 5 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, July 4Gravitas 0-1 Dire Wolves6pm
Peace 0-1 Kanga7pm
Pentanet 1-0 Mammoth8pm
Chiefs 1-0 Order9pm
Tue, July 5Mammoth 1-0 Peace6pm
Order 1-0 Pentanet7pm
Chiefs 1-0 Gravitas8pm
Kanga 1-0 Dire Wolves9pm
Wed, July 6Pentanet 0-1 Chiefs6pm
Gravitas 0-1 Kanga7pm
Peace 1-0 Order8pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Mammoth9pm

LCO Split 2: Week 6 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, July 11Pentanet 1-0 Gravitas6pm
Chiefs 1-0 Peace7pm
Order 1-0 Dire Wolves8pm
Mammoth 0-1 Kanga9pm
Tue, July 12Dire Wolves 0-1 Chiefs6pm
Kanga 0-1 Order7pm
Gravitas 0-1 Mammoth8pm
Peace 1-0 Pentanet9pm

LCO Split 2: Week 7 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, July 18Pentanet 0-1 Dire Wolves6pm
Peace 1-0 Gravitas7pm
Chiefs 1-0 Kanga8pm
Order 1-0 Mammoth9pm
Tue, July 19Order 1-0 Gravitas6pm
Chiefs 1-0 Mammoth7pm
Pentanet 1-0 Kanga8pm
Peace 0-1 Dire Wolves9pm

LCO Split 2: Week 8 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, July 25Peace 0-1 Kanga6pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Gravitas7pm
Pentanet 1-0 Mammoth8pm
Chiefs 1-0 Order9pm
Tue, July 26Mammoth 1-0 Peace6pm
Order 0-1 Pentanet7pm
Chiefs 1-0 Gravitas8pm
Kanga 1-0 Dire Wolves9pm

LCO Split 2: Week 9 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, August 1Chiefs 1-0 Pentanet6pm
Dire Wolves 1-0 Mammoth7pm
Order 1-0 Peace8pm
Kanga 1-0 Gravitas9pm
Tue, August 2Kanga 1-0 Mammoth6pm
Peace 0-1 Chiefs7pm
Dire Wolves 0-1 Order8pm
Gravitas 0-1 Pentanet9pm

LCO Split 2: Week 10 Results

DateMatchTime (AEST)
Mon, August 8Chiefs 1-0 Dire Wolves6pm
Order 1-0 Kanga7pm
Mammoth 1-0 Gravitas8pm
Peace 0-1 Pentanet9pm
Tue, August 9Dire Wolves 0-1 Pentanet6pm
Peace 1-0 Gravitas7pm
Chiefs 1-0 Kanga8pm
Order 1-0 Mammoth9pm

Nicholas Taifalos
Nicholas Taifalos
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