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THE BANANA INVASION – Wandering Wong at IEM Sydney 2023

What do Jesus, bananas and Brace all have in common? Certainly not Roaming Wray. Bernadette Wong hit the halls and stalls of IEM Sydney 2023,...

Riot dips back into OCE in style at SXSW x Worlds watch party

Great to be among friends again.

FaZe Twistzz shares feelings on CS2 gamestate post IEM Sydney 2023 victory

How quickly have FaZe taken to Counter-Strike 2? Are Valve taking steps to improve the game? Should they give us a major while they're...

Row F: The heart of the Australian esports experience

Hoarse voices, $13 cans, and the unmistakable sound of soggy socks in post-shoey shoes squelching around in the Sydney CBD. This is IEM Sydney....

G2 jks: “Winning in front of my home crowd is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Counter-Strike is back in its home country. A pandemic, a move to international rosters and a whole new game---and Australia’s CS hero, Justin "jks"...

IEM Sydney 2023: FaZe Clan claims victory over Complexity for first official CS2 title 2-1

After four years apart, Intel Extreme Masters reunites with Sydney in 2023–and it’s wearing a new look. After an unbelievable best-of-three series, FaZe Clan...

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