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Oceanic Nationals returns for 2022 with condensed two-Stage format

Oceania’s premier Rainbow Six Siege competition, Oceanic Nationals, kicks off for 2022 on March 25.

Chiefs reverse sweep Bliss in OCN 2021 Season Finals, FURY promoted for OCN 2022

Chiefs came back from 0-2 down to beat Bliss in the OCN 2021 Season Finals, while FURY will replace Overt in OCN 2022.

Pikniq aiming for redemption in OCN 2021 Season Finals after Knights’ rough Stage 3

After a catastrophic Stage 3, the OCN 2021 Season Finals could be make-or-break for the Knights’ future.

Repix’s Bliss want OCN Season Finals triumph after approaching greatness in 2021

Bliss are focused on APAC South Relegations, but an OCN Season Finals win is still a great reward.


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