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Razza to represent Oceania at TFT Fates World Championship

Over the weekend, "Razza" was crowned the winner of the TFT OCE Regional Finals, securing a spot in the Fates World...

Riot Games announces $250,000 TFT Fates Championship

24 players, including one Oceanic Star, will face off in the TFT Fates Championship, starting on April 7. 

Oceania receives direct TFT Worlds slot for Fates through ORDER Regional Series

After missing out in Galaxies, Oceania will now have a direct way to reach the TFT Fates World Championship through the...


Worthy on new-look Chiefs: “We are yet to reach our full potential”

The Chiefs have made both OCN and APAC South playoffs in Stage 1 2021, and are trying to prove themselves in both leagues.