IEM Sydney 2019: Interview with Liquid’s Stewie2K

Team Liquid’s Semi-Finalist Jake “Stewie2k” Yip faces MIBR this afternoon in another return to facing his old team in the Brazilians.

How have your role changed on Team Liquid compared to your previous team experiences in regards to your previous experiences on your last line-up?  

Stewie: The main difference is that I’m playing more of a chief than an Indian on this team. On Mibr, I was more focused on listening, and doing what I had to do with them in terms of my role. Meanwhile on Liquid, I have a lot more voice, I can say a lot more and I have more freedom. That freedom can be a bad thing in a team as well, but I think it’s working out for us currently.

You speak about your previous line-up, in Mibr, how much did communication play a part in the team’s issues?

Stewie: I don’t think it was as big as a problem as people say it is, from the outside looking in. I think it’s a little exaggerated. I think it’s something that the Brazilians lacked in terms of their communication. It was hard for them to work on it, so it took a lot more time, but I think that’s about it in terms of communication issues.

How is the AWPing role being bounced around in terms of Team Liquid and is Nitro still the primary AWP?

Stewie: Nitro is currently the primary AWP. Sometimes when I am feeling it or I tell my team before the game. In this team is a lot more freedom. Anyone can pick the AWP up and we all know how to play around it and use it, as such we have the luxury with the weapon. There are no set-rules surrounding the AWP.

Who is your favourite team-mate of all time in every line-up you have ever been on?

Stewie: My favourite teammate of all time has to be FalleN. He has a lot of good leadership qualities in and outside the game. He always has his attitude in check, I don’t think there was one time where I’ve ever heard there was anything negative in any way, whether it’s minor or major, whether it is a small or big problem, I have never heard him flame in any way. I think he’s one of the best teammates I’ve ever had.

How has Liquid adapted and changed in 2019 compared to 2018? In terms of the amount of your losses and the time taken to sort out the mental element. I understand there were a lot of grand-final losses last year for the line-up, looking at Astralis it is obvious that their core has been together for a long time. Is this a strategy that your team is adapting to work on?

Stewie: I guess that comes back to our team focussing too much on the negative aspects of the game during our practices on our down time. Mentality is an obviously an issue in terms of repeat second placings even before I was on the line-up. I feel like we have been working on fixing this issue immensely in the last two weeks. In this tournament, if we make it to the finals, I honestly feel that we will have the mental edge, we would be over it and we would know what it would take to win and to make it over the edge.

Lastly, what is your favourite element to travelling to Australia?

Stewie: It’s banned now, but I would have to say the shoey. It’s a little bit unique to Australia.

Stewie2K and the rest of his Liquid teammates are two matches away from their second title of 2019. Check out their run as it picks up again this afternoon against MIBR when IEM Sydney continues! They’re live from 3:00PM AEST live on

Tickets to IEM Sydney 2019 are still available on the official website or

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