MEO 2019: Interview with Golden Guardians FBI

After his debut split with the Golden Guardians, bot laner Victor “FBI” Huang has returned to Australia for the Melbourne Esports Open. 

The Golden Guardians have had themselves have a bit of a split to forget in the Summer. Finding themselves in a three-way tie for the final spot in the LCS playoffs, they fell just short after losing the tiebreaker against Optic Gaming. 

Although out of World contentions, FBI had a solid first split in North America, taking it to some of the worlds best bot laners. He also became the second player to graduate from the OPL to the LCS, following in the footsteps of Lawrence “Lost” Hui who moved to Echo Fox in 2018. 

This weekend, he was reunited with longtime duo Jake “Rogue” Sharwood, in a show match at the Melbourne Esports Open. FBI played alongside old OPL Rivals and new Golden Guardians teammates, to help showcase some of Oceania’s best League of Legends talent.

Over the weekend, Snowball Esports spoke to FBI, where he opened up about his time so far in North America, moving internationally, and his predictions for Worlds.

How are you finding it being back? 

FBI: I’m finding being back really enjoyable, I love Australia, and I’m really glad to be home.

We arrived on Friday at noon. We were pretty jet lagged, but I went to see Ry0ma, met up with him, got some dinner and stuff and then I just went to sleep.

What have you got planned for this weekend?

FBI: Well at MEO we’ve got some meet and greets, as well as the show match before the OPL final. The team also wants to see a bit of Melbourne. They want to go to the zoo, they want to go to see a kangaroo. They are really hyped to go see a kangaroo. 

Yeah we’ve heard a bit about that.

FBI: On the bus down to the city they were saying “We are gonna see a kangaroo out the window” and I was saying “no we aren’t going to see a kangaroo guys”

Have you told them about the Kangaroos that box and stuff?

FBI: Actually they won’t stop telling me about it! They keep telling me “Have you seen this video with the Kangaroo boxing this [guy]?” and I’m like yeah of course I have.

So I’ve noticed a tweet going about the air quality of Australia and how good it is, are you able to shed any light on that one?

FBI: Personally, I don’t notice it, because I’m from here. The rest of the team is talking about it, I think it’s the cold air. In Los Angeles, it’s hot all the time, but here it is cold and fresh so they are enjoying it. 

So what was the transition like for you? Going from the Bombers to the LCS?

FBI: Well the staff at Golden Guardians has made it an easy good process. Obviously it is a really big jump but it went well.

How would you rate your performance this split? 

FBI: Personally, it was disappointing. We didn’t really show how what we could do as a team or how I could match up LCS bot laners individually. It was a bit of a disappointing season for us. 

What’s the biggest difference going from OCE to NA? What’s it like playing with stars like Doublelift?

FBI: I think the jump is pretty noticeable. All the players in LCS are really consistent and pretty good all the time. The big names like Doublelift and CoreJJ are really good, and I respect, but somewhat fanboy them though.

You’ve had some international experience with Bombers, but how do you think Mammoth will do for us at Worlds?

FBI: Unfortunately, I’m not too hopeful. I don’t think these Mammoth are the strongest team we’ve had. I’m staying hopeful but I’m not too keen on our chances. 

Well now you are an NA man now, seeing you live there and are part of the ranked ladder, how do you rate your new region chances at Worlds? 

FBI: Yeah we have a really good chance of getting out, be it Team Liquid, Cloud 9 or I think CLG as the third seed. One of them should make it out and go deep, but I don’t think they win the entire tournament. 

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