Auscraft tournament looking to bring “heart and soul” to Melbourne’s Starcraft II scene

It’s an exciting time for esports in Australia, and there’s a new event tailored for Starcraft fans just around the corner to add to the excitement: Auscraft, a Melbourne-based Starcraft II tournament set to debut on January 10.

The event will feature a number of local and international talents, all of whom will compete for the $5,000 prize pool. Invitees are expected to be announced in the coming days.

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The tournament will be broadcasted live on Twitch, with three days of competition planned. This isn’t their only plan, however, as Auscraft aims to place an emphasis on the banter that backs competition to sweetly encapsulate the gaming culture that is unique to Australia.

As a LAN set in one of Melbourne’s most iconic beaches in Rye, Auscraft is all about combining the casual and social aspects of gaming within a competitive setting.

Besides the gameplay itself, an equal amount of focus will be placed on the individual competing personalities themselves. Unlike a typical tournament, Auscraft is unique in providing a platform for personal narratives to be told, creating a bridge between the community the players and the audience.

A subscription system will be implemented to unlock additional content for the viewer, and will allow fans to support the creation of content that directly appeals to them.

All in all, Auscraft serves as a love letter of sorts dedicated to both the players and fans that sets the Esports community apart from others.

“The heart and soul of esports is birthed in the shared experiences we have playing games together”

“The origin of all of this is our love for the LAN event,” said Michael Carmody, who leads the operations for ce2pe, the production company behind Auscraft.

“Through Auscraft and future events, we plan to just lean right back to the origins of what we all loved in the first place, being together in the same place for fun, games and talking smack about your opponent.”

Carmody also stated this event is the initial of a series of similar entertainment-focused, house-based events for other titles coming later this year.

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