Avant Gaming retain Gunkrab, sign Chazz, OCS talent for OPL 2020

Avant Gaming have finalized their roster for the OPL with a mix of OCS talent and proven top-flight players, with LeeSA, Chazz, and Api joining Dragku and Gunkrab on stage in the blue-and-gold in 2020.

The update to Riot’s Global Contract Database confirms what sources previously told Snowball regarding the team’s roster heading into the new season.

Top laner Dragon “Dragku” Guo and bot laner Vincent “Gunkrab” Lin return from 2019’s lineup, while three up-and-coming talents from Legacy will replace the team’s departing players.

Dragku joined Avant late in split two as a substitute top laner after spending much of the 2019 OCS season with the Dire Cubs.

Jesse “Chazz” Mahoney

Gunkrab spent all of 2019 with the team, playing both AD carry and support. With a couple of years of OPL under his belt, he will be tasked with leading this young roster through tough competition.

Jungler Thomas “LeeSA” Ma, mid laner Jesse “Chazz” Mahoney, and support Yao “Api” Jian Jing have joined the team after all having spent 2019 at Legacy.

LeeSA and Api were a part of Legacy Genesis’ run in the OCS, with the latter earning a call-up to the OPL squad for the last couple of weeks.

Chazz spent his 2019 as the starting mid laner for Legacy’s OPL team. While they only managed six wins across 2019, Chazz was a major proponent of keeping the roster off the bottom of the table in split one.

There has been no report on who will coach the lineup as of yet. According to Riot’s Global Contract Database, the players have only signed on for one split, meaning that Avant’s squad for split two is still up in the air.

After a mixed bag of results last year, this roster could be set to deliver some surprises. Avant have a history of performing beyond pre-season projections, and while some might suspect that to continue, their roster full of up-and-coming stars still has a long way to prove themselves.

The Oceanic Pro League will return on January 31. You can follow Avant Gaming on Twitter.

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