The Chiefs and Red Bull partner up to power Drop Zone event

Premier Australian Esports org The Chiefs have partnered up with Red Bull and their powerful suite of players and content creators to bring community and personalities closer together.

Starting May 3rd, The Chiefs Esports Club will be running a series of four-man squad community events called “Drop Zone” in Activision’s new Battle Royale title Call of Duty: Warzone. Resembling an alternative method of a “pro-am” event, the event will give fans the chance to game with some of the biggest names in the Oceanic esports and streaming communities.

Over the first four weeks of May, a series of squads will be dropping with Chiefs personalities Kiki, FIFA superstar James ‘Cripsy’ Williams, Kiki, AFL star Mitch Robinson, and the four weeks leads off with exciting new Warzone prodigy Aaron “Lymax” Butcher.

Each Friday, community members will be able to earn the opportunity to participate in the festivities. Each Sunday, the players will hit the Drop Zone and duke it out for the glory of coming out on top among the titans in the Chiefs’ streaming stars.

Nick Bobir, Chiefs Managing Director, is looking forward to Drop Zone being able to connect gamers and fans alike over the coming weeks.

“We are excited to be able to offer the chance for our community to come together in a time where our regular communities and support networks have been disrupted. By connecting our community with our partners such as Red Bull and our wonderful network of content creators we’re hoping to get through this together, one weekend at a time,” he told Snowball.

Fans looking to follow along with tuning in to the captain’s twitch channels to watch the battles each Sunday from 7PM AEST. The channels can also be found along with the scores through the Warzone Drop Zone with Red Bull hub.

Tournament dates are every Sunday from 7PM onwards as per the below schedule:

  • 7:00PM AEST Sunday 3rd May – Lymax
  • 7:00PM AEST Sunday 10th May – Kiki
  • 7:00PM AEST Sunday 17th May – Mitch Robinson
  • 7:00PM AEST Sunday 24th May – Cripsy

The first gamers are already selected ready to drop in with Lymax tonight. Tune in via the details above to get around the fun and merriment sure to be on offer!

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Reece Perry
Reece Perry
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