Probe sees double as he wins Starcraft II OCE / SEA ESL Weekly for second week in a row

Sean “Probe” Kempen celebrated for the second Tuesday in a row as he once again reigned supreme in the Starcraft II ESL Weekly for Oceania and South East Asia on Tuesday night.

Facing off against Mindfreak’s Sheldon “Seither” Barrow in the final, Probe emerged victorious, sweeping his opponent 3 to 0 in the best of 5 series.

The final saw some great matches against his Terran opponent, with viewers seeing the Legacy Protoss player show strategies varying from standard macro play, to some strange mass immortal play and even disruptor drops.

Speaking after his win, Probe said he was pleased with the win and the way he played.

“It’s very nice to be able to be very consistent in these local tournaments.”, Probe said.

“I always want to keep my skill level at a place where I can dominate this scene. Of course I am always looking towards the international stage, but it’s promising.”

Probe’s run to the final was fairly straight forward, beating MightyKiwi 2-0, before running into Pezz in the quarter finals.

In a close series Probe barely emerged with a 2-1 victory, coming from behind to win the series and move on to the semi-finals.

Whilst the quarter finals were close, the semi-finals were a different story, Probe easily dispatching Legacy teammate Azure 2-0 to move on to the grand finals.

This is Probe’s fourth victory in six tournaments, further certifying his place as the top Starcraft player in OCE / SEA.

With 19 players checking in from across the OCE / SEA region, countries like Malaysia, India, Vietnam and New Zealand, as well as Australia were represented in a good showing for the tournament.

Probe said the continued involvement is fantastic to see and urged more aspiring players to participate in the free, open tournament.

“I believe that anyone who can play in the tournament should just sign up and compete, no matter your skill level.

It’s a really fun experience and you will learn a lot, while at the same time making sure these cups keep running, so sign up!”

Elsewhere in the bracket, Vietnam’s MeomaikA, who gained fame last year by beating four time GSL (Global Starcraft League) champion Maru, was eliminated early by Pezz’s Protoss en route to his meeting with Probe.

The ESL SC2 Weekly Cup, fueled by Dare runs every Tuesday night, starting at 19:00 AEST and is open to players of any skill level in the OCE / SEA region.

Find more info at the official site.

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Saxon Durrant
Saxon Durrant
Saxon "Saxy" Durrant is one of Snowball's newest additions, specialising in Starcraft. With a love of everything RTS, you'll either find him travelling, watching his beloved Norwich City Football Club, or telling people that Starcraft is and always will be the best esport ever.



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