Seither shows superiority to win his second Starcraft OCE / SEA ESL Weekly Cup

Sheldon “Seither” Barrow showed some excellent defensive play on Tuesday night as through clean cut builds he earned his second Starcraft II ESL Weekly title. 

With Oceania and South East Asia’s top talent showing up again, the final presented Mindfreak’s Seither with a real test in the form of Vietnamese Zerg player MeoMaika.

In both of the opening games, Seither showed some great defensive play, claiming both maps with some strongholds against two massive timing attacks.

With a 2-0 advantage, the third map saw MeoMaika attempt a risky mutalisk strategy, unknowing that Seither had already called what attack was heading his way.

It made for a slaughter, with Seither executing the perfect counter to win the final in a clean sweep, 3-0 victory.

It was the opposite story compared to the final they met in previously, where the series went for the whole five games, Seither winning that final, 3-2.

Speaking to me after the final, Seither, a player who is known for playing anything apart from Starcraft, said he was happy and relieved about the win.

“Its weird,” he said. “I haven’t played [Escape from] Tarkov this week and I won again?”

This victory demonstrated that whether or not he’s playing Tarkov, Seither’s Starcraft abilities are not to be discounted, He had to handle a MeoMaika famed for his aggression and his tricky yet creative play. Seither’s run to that final was also a fairly eventful venture, with a first-up bye leading to a meeting with Azure in the quarter finals.

He won that mirror match up 2-0, before meeting Protoss player Pezz in the semi-final.

That series took Seither to his limits, having to come from behind in a close fought and long 2-1 series, before moving on to the final. 

Having now reached two finals in a row, Seither is confident of making it three in a row next week.

“[I’m] always confident. As long as the seeding keeps me away from any Protoss [players], it should be ok.”

Last week’s champion Probe sadly couldn’t make it three victories in a row, with the Legacy player falling in the semi-finals to eventual runner up, MeoMaika.

Yours truly also participated this week, with my run falling at the first hurdle to Azure, in the round of 16.

The ESL SC2 Weekly Cup, fueled by Dare runs every Tuesday night, starting at 19:00 AEST and is open to players of any skill level in the OCE / SEA region.

Find more info at the official site.
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Saxon Durrant
Saxon Durrant
Saxon "Saxy" Durrant is one of Snowball's newest additions, specialising in Starcraft. With a love of everything RTS, you'll either find him travelling, watching his beloved Norwich City Football Club, or telling people that Starcraft is and always will be the best esport ever.



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