Fortress Melbourne unveils new weekly series bridging social and competitive gaming

A Melbourne gaming event that plans to bring the bright lights and viewership of professional competition to amateurs is set to launch online.

An online tournament planned by the esports arm of high-end Melbourne gaming cafe, Fortress Melbourne, is touted to “bridge the gap” between competitive and social gaming.

‘Firefights’, Fortress’ weekly Friday-night event featured a soon-to-be-announced rotating roster of first-person shooters and was expected to debut online later this month.

And the first title, revealed today, was long-time fan favourite, Call of Duty.

Fortress Esports marketing manager Sam Han said the competition would bridge the gap between casual and competitive by giving everyone the opportunity to participate, regardless of skill level.

And while the tournament is kicking off online, Fortress bosses hoped to bring the competition into their dedicated venue, Fortress Melbourne, as soon as possible.

“There aren’t other competitions in the market that give people the opportunity to be broadcast, and this will be even more apparent when we’re able to host this in the venue,” Han said. 

“Giving your everyday player the opportunity to play on stage and have their highlights broadcast with professional commentary is something no-one else is doing! 

“Above all though, this event is very much about giving everyone an opportunity to have fun and play. 

And the reward for high-performing players – besides the nightly $500 prize pool – battling in front of a live audience at Fortress’ world-class Alienware Arena.

Each match would be broadcast live on Twitch with professional commentary.

The wide range of FPS titles, to be announced soon, allow a solid cross-section of the gaming community to take part in their favourite game and try their hand at something new.

And prizes weren’t just for the top fragger, Han said.

“A pool of $500 is split as spot prizes that are not tied to placing anywhere in the tournament,” he said.

He said prizes would be awarded for things like the funniest kill or death, most assists and even worst accuracy.

“Each night is standalone, but we will be monitoring results from each night for seeding in future events,” Han said.

Entries are open to all Australians and cost $15 per person with early-bird registrations going into the draw to win a share of a $1700 Alienware prize pack.

To secure your spot, register online here.

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