HuT claims second ESL Weekly title as DreamHack qualifiers loom

The Terran Mindfreak has sent a message to his fellow competitors with his second win in four weeks.

Nicholas “HuT” Hutton has again proved he is a force to take seriously in this weekend’s DreamHack qualifiers with his second Starcraft ESL Open Cup win in four weeks.

In another dominant display, HuT found himself up against in-form Indian zerg player Demi in the final, a player who reached the final last week and someone who defeated HuT just two weeks prior.

Despite losing the first game to Demi, HuT took control of the series, executing a win in both a long macro game and a short triple proxy barracks game.

This took HuT to match point, where on Golden Wall his macro once again impressed. Hut utilised smart pushes and great engagements to see him take yet another Starcraft 2 ESL Weekly Cup.

Talking after his win, HuT said it was nice to get some revenge on Demi considering his loss two weeks earlier.

“I was feeling confident in my gameplans before the match, so I was confident I could make the games close at least,” HuT said.

“I got on a roll after losing the first game, so that helped.”

With the upcoming Dreamhack Summer qualifiers starting this weekend, this cup was a final chance to see the current form of players heading into the decisive weekend.

Three open qualifiers over the weekend starting on Friday will see 12 players qualify into two groups of six, with the top seven players from those groups making it into the main event.

Those top seven players will be joined by invitee RiSky to battle it out for a seed into the season finals.

Despite only returning to competitive play a few weeks ago, HuT said he’s confident going into the qualifiers and that winning a spot to the global finals was the goal.

“I think I can have positive results if I can focus and practice a ton beforehand.”

“I’m not scared of running into anyone in particular during the qualifiers, so that’s a definite advantage.”

Elsewhere in the bracket, Australian zerg player Chappy pulled off an upset, beating MeomaikA to make it to the semi-finals.

Previous winners Probe and Seither dropped out in the quarter and semi-finals, losing to Demi and HuT respectively.

The DreamHack Summer Open qualifiers run from June 13th-15th and are open to people of any skill level, with a $2,100 prize pool on the line. Find out more information about the qualifiers here.

The ESL SC2 Weekly Cup, fueled by Dare runs every Tuesday night, starting at 19:00 AEST and is open to players of any skill level in the OCE / SEA region.

Find more info at the official site.
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