META High School League Round 7: Caringbah High School vs Kingsgrove North High School

The final week of the META High School Esports competition was full of crucial play-offs deciding games.

It was the final week of matches in the META High School Esports league, and teams put everything on the line to secure that important final victory. 

For Kingsgrove North High School, this game would either secure their position at the top of the ladder, or be forced into a tiebreaker series with the potential to lose their spot in the playoffs. They were facing Caringbah High school, who were teetering on the same edge. 

Kingsgrove North picked a very aggressive comp, with their Jungler Panda 1 on Rengar and their ADC Panda 3 on Draven. Unfortunately for Kingsgrove North, their opponent in the top lane, DongisDweeb, was on Yasuo and managed to score two kills on the Fiora, Wards Save Lives, by six minutes.

Down in the bottom lane, Panda 3 had a better time and picked up a kill on Caringbah’s Vayne, thanks to a clutch heal by OuO on Soraka saving their life. Caringbah’s Jungler, Wiffed Again, attempted to gank the lane in a 2v2 with BaconManCREW on Lulu as backup, but Kingsgrove turned it around and got another kill on the Draven, who was well and truly in the lead.

From there, Kingsgrove secured a return kill in the top lane against Yasuo. Panda 1 went on to invade the enemy’s jungle, but the plan backfired. With Caringbah bringing in the cavalry, they managed to swing the fight in their favour, coming out with three kills to Kingsgrove’s one.

However, that didn’t stop Kingsgrove continuing to snowball their lead. They rotated across the map, finding picks in the side lanes and coordinating well-timed ganks to help secure objectives, including the first dragon.

The game was pretty back and forth for the next 10 minutes, with kills being traded across the board, although Kingsgrove secured the Rift Herald to maintain their objective lead. This, however, wasn’t able to be used effectively as the game continued in a stalemate.

One thing was for sure though: Panda 1’s Rengar was very ahead, and was strong enough to be able to one-shot the weaker members of Caringbah High. Using the stealth movespeed buff and the Corki poke, they were able to continuously exert pressure across the map while Draven farmed up a storm. 

With further rotations, they secured the mid lane inner turret, the third dragon and Baron. This was the key to victory as shortly after they pushed in the lanes and secured the win. 

This week marked the end of the META League of Legends regular season, with the tiebreakers to determine the top four of each regional division starting from next Tuesday to determine the top four seeds from each division. 

Teams will then go on to playoffs, with the top two from each region moving onto the regional finals.

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NSW/ACT Standings

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Emma van der Brug
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