Renegades take control at Perfect World Oceania League Fall, clinch spot for Rio Major

Renegades managed to hold off Order and Chiefs in last ditch effort to qualify for Rio Major.

Renegades have qualified for the 2020 Rio Major, after holding off challenges from Order and the Chiefs, including a three-game series in the final against the Melbourne squad.

Dexter and the boys were tipped to cruise through the qualifying event, and did so with style ⁠— Renegades didn’t drop a map on their march to the grand final showdown against Order.

Their decider rivals were able to take away Renegade’s map pick Vertigo in the final matchup though, denying the Rio-bound outfit an eight-map clean sweep in the Fall tournament.

Domestically, Order and Chiefs have constantly been at the heels of the Renegades squad; a status reflected in the RMR standings. It was do-or-die for all the top teams at the event, with just 100 points between Order and Renegades.

With the exclusion of any roster changes between now and the upcoming major, Renegades have earned a spot as a ‘Contender’ ranked team and fill the only Oceanic spot available.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is unclear whether the Rio Major will actually go ahead. There are chances it will again be delayed. The global situation has been a small boon for Renegades though; since returning to Australia, the squad has won a hefty 50 maps. They’ve lost just 14 in return.

The former Greyhound Gaming roster, who only made one change since the team jumped to a new organisation in early December, looked unstoppable until the Perfect World finals.

Order’s path to the final was a lot less glamorous. They were whacked with an early loss to the Chiefs in the semi-finals, and had to fight back through the lower bracket (2–0 against Rooster, 2–1 over Downfall) before edging Chiefs in the rematch in three.

While the Melbourne org was tested at the event, the experience of USTILO and Rickeh ⁠— both former Renegades themselves ⁠— and the young talent of Valiance and J1rah came together in a performance that cement Order as a top Australian squad.

Likewise, the Chiefs came to the event looking to push themselves into contention as one of the consistent top teams. New additions like Vexite, Zeph, and Soju have shaped this team into a squad of young-guns, guided by veteran talent Ofnu and coach Yam.

Whether or not the Rio Major goes ahead, the pecking order of the region has been settled for the time being: Renegades stand tall against former domestic powerhouses like Order, the Chiefs, and Avant Gaming… at least for now.

Renegades walked away with 2,500 RMR points and a $12,500 slice of the event prize pool for their four-match triumph over the weekend.

Oceania Regional Major Rankings (RMR) Standings:

  • Renegades — 4,100pts (up for qualification)
  • Order ⁠— 3,844pts
  • Chiefs — 2,188pts
  • Downfall — 780pts

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Ash Whyte
Ash Whyte
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