$10k World of Tanks tourney comes to PAX Online 2020

The the biggest event for the ANZ World of Tanks community will kick off from tomorrow with a tidy $10k prize pool.

The newly created competitive league in the epic World War II tank battling game will feature teams from New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, and Aotearoa. 

The first two rounds of the competition will feature at the popular PAX Online convention, which hosts some of the biggest names in the esport industry.

ANZ World of Tanks product manager Jake Truman said the competition is the next step in strengthening the sport and creating more opportunities.

“It feels fitting that this is taking place in the same year as the global World of Tanks 10th Anniversary and three years since the launch of the World of Tanks ANZ server,” he said.

“The ANZ Premier League is the biggest event for the ANZ World of Tanks community this year.”

The competing teams were revealed as Adelaide Action X, Brisbane Bulldogs, Cairns Comets, Melbourne Matildas, Perth Panthers, North Sydney Sentinels, South Sydney Skorpians, Auckland Archers, and Christchurch Conquerors.

Fortress Melbourne is the production partner for the League.

HyperX has partnered with the team-based, massively multiplayer online action game to create a set of customised World of Tanks keycaps, including 22 most-used keycaps with signature World of Tank icons, to match a newly launched HyperX Elite 2 keyboard. 

All finalists will be provided with accessory packs which include Alloy Elite 2 and a set of HyperX headset and mouse. 

Fans have a chance to get their hands on the keyboards with World of Tanks keycaps during each round of the ANZ Premier League. 

Each team will have their own colours, logo and identity, along with a special broadcast-only camouflage to help them represent their state, territory, or island.

As a bonus, a panel of talented Wargaming artists, designers and managers will look at career paths in the gaming industry beyond programming on Wednesday as a part of this year’s PAX Online. Check it out on their Twitch channel from 3.30pm AEST.

The World of Tanks digital booth will be featured on PAX Online’s ‘show floor’ and can be visited all nine days of PAX Online.

“The competitive scene continues to grow here, and this is our next step in strengthening the sport and creating more opportunities,” concluded Jake.

Round two starts on Friday, 18 September from 6-11pm AEST.

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Matt Brown
Matt Brown
Kiwi journo Matt “nipple” Brown loves spinning a yarn in a deathmatch server and telling interesting tales. Easily confused, he tends to ask more questions than people are generally comfortable with.



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