Team Process pick up ex-Fury Valorant roster ahead of First Strike

Process’ new Valorant roster has had some success in the Oceanic Valorant Open and Rise of Valour.

Gvng, the ex-Fury Valorant squad, has been picked up by the New Zealand-based Team Process ahead of First Strike. With a new name and a new start, Process are hoping to get back to the top of Oceanic Valorant after a rocky couple of months.

Fury’s Valorant squad suddenly departed on September 21 after bowing out of the Rise of Valour Last Chance Qualifier earlier than expected. However, their new home was already locked in.

Team Process, an organization started up in 2018 with its roots in Fortnite, was ready to make their expansion into their first team-based game ⁠— Valorant. They swooped up the ex-Fury lineup, and are helping them put the building blocks in place to get back on top after a disappointing finish to Rise of Valour and missing out on LPL Evolution.

“We’re so excited to expand into Valorant as this will be our first team-based game,” co-owner Maff told Snowball. “It was only natural for us to pick up the Ex-Fury roster as there is a long history of friendship between us and the members.”

“We here at Team Process are so glad that our first team we chose to pick are blokes we already consider family and we can’t wait to watch them have some fun.”

That relationship was forged through Gvng’s roots in Fortnite. Process’ team captain, Myth, was a former star in the Australian Fortnite scene. Having swapped codes to Valorant, it took some time to pick up the tactical FPS, but the team is slowly starting to click.

“We found a coach, and Process helped us out with that. The team is doing a lot better now ⁠— it feels like the pressure is off. Fury put a lot of pressure on us, so stepping down a bit, getting comfortable, and grinding something that we all love ⁠— that’s the better option,” Myth said.

While they couldn’t lock down a solid roster on Fury, with Mundy jumping in and StubzZ and spookyoj leaving, the Process roster is dedicated to sticking together. With the move, they’ve been able to pick up a coach and really finesse their play to try and contest the top teams in Oceania again.

“We want to be the best, but we want to grow as a team together. We’re not going to stop until we’re at the top.”

Myth doesn’t have a tactical FPS background in CS:GO or Rainbow Six: Siege like other top Valorant players. His skills in Fortnite have translated well for gunfights, but him and others like him have struggled with the tactics. However, Process’ hybrid roster of players from different backgrounds has helped with that.

“Pyua is a very smart player and he overall knows the game very well. He’s from CS:GO and his background has taught me a lot. It’s opened my eyes up to the whole tactical FPS genre,” Myth added.

Ahead of First Strike, Process’ goal is to take Oceanic Valorant by surprise and look to disrupt the power rankings. With Exo, Ground Zero, Launch, and Avant seemingly gapping the rest of the competition, Process is here to show they can contest the top teams.

“We’re putting a lot of hours in, but we are also taking care of ourselves ahead of First Strike,” Myth said.

Team Process Valorant Roster

  • Myth – Captain
  • Pyua – Co Captain
  • Novaah
  • Mundy
  • GosuKeith
  • Manager – Dafcee
  • Coach – Shozay

You can follow Team Process on Twitter.

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Andrew Amos
Andrew Amos
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