Rocket League Oceania partners with Psyonix to announce RLO Masters

Foundational monthly tournament circuit will be the future of Rocket League in the Region and provide over $3,500 in monthly cash prizes.

Rocket League Oceania have announced the RLO Masters, sponsored by developers Psyonix. The two-tiered system will provide a path to pro play and give fans of all ages a chance to see our region’s best and its future in a combined circuit program.

The circuits operate monthly, with teams across each of two divisions (Open and Masters) competing for prize money and points. Weekly events will feature double-elimination group stage games feeding into a single-elimination playoff bracket.

The monthly circuit concludes these weekly events with a final event featuring a chance for more prize money and a promotion-relegation system between the two divisions.

Ben O’Connor, Director at RLO said that the team was “extremely honoured to be working on RLO Masters.”

“The team has been putting in so much amazing work recently and this is our next big step. We’re hoping the Masters will provide a strong platform for the competitive scene to continue growing and producing great talent for the region.”

The system replaces the RLO 3v3 series, which will be discontinued.

In addition to the new competitive landscape, RLO has announced a new broadcasting system that aims to unlock the potential of prospective broadcasters as well as players. 

The premier broadcast remains on the RL Oceania Twitch channel on Thursday nights for each weekly event, and Tuesdays immediately after the fourth week for the finals every month.

On top of the premier broadcast, the community and team organisations will get opportunities to broadcast the Open and Masters (respectively) divisions to bring a new level of coverage and content to the circuit. 

The RLO Masters kick off on 8 October 2020, and you can find more information here.

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Reece Perry
Reece Perry
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