Female-only Valorant tournament coming in November

Empress Gaming, the organiser behind one of the largest female-only tournaments in Oceania, is expanding into Valorant.

The tournament organiser behind Benefit Cosmetics’ $5,000 Fortnite tournament, Empress Gaming, is returning with a new FPS title, collective and mission in Valorant.

Empress Gaming — a newly formed female-focused gaming and esports collective — is set to make a change within the Oceanic competitive scene. 

Founded by Nicole “NicoleThePeach” Constantine, the group aims to amplify and strengthen the community in both its content and competitive elements.

“My goal in the creation of Empress is to celebrate and provide equal opportunities to women in gaming through not only the internal team but in supporting the endeavours of established and upcoming creators and competitive players,“ Nicole said in a press release on Nov. 1.

The Valorant tournament will be the first organised by the group and is set to launch in mid-late November. Details on partners and prize pool will be announced later on their Twitter. 

The Oceanic tournament comes after the success of international female-only events, like the FTW Summer Showdown in North America. It was the only female-only tournament in the global Valorant Ignition Series.

Recently, Cloud9 signed the female Valorant roster MAJKL to compete in First Strike. Gen.G is also looking to recruit their own roster.

The organisers consist of the below and will be opening opportunities to volunteers:

  • CEO & Founder – Nicole “NicoleThePeach” Constantine
  • Community Manager – Lynn “PlayItShady” Zhou 
  • League Operations Manager – Elisha “Leisha” Burton
  • Social Media Manager – Jasmine “JasLottie” Kelly

The tournament will be exclusively streamed on Empress Gaming’s Twitch channel and expression of interests to compete are open — teams can apply here

For future announcements and information, you can follow Empress on Twitter.

Chelsea Moss
Chelsea Moss
Chelsea "Hotto" Moss has been a content producer and contributor at Snowball Esports since the start of 2019. Looking to swap out her photoshop tools for pen and paper, she is looking to deliver her spin on the Oceanic esports scene.



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