HYPR CARRY levels up with Nations Ventures investment

The deal involves creating a US-based offshoot of HYPR CARRY as well as a cash investment in the parent company.

Australian-based esports streetwear brand HYPR CARRY is levelling up its operations with investment from the U.S. based Nations Ventures. The organization plans to expand into the American market under a new subsidiary.

After bursting onto the scene last year, Australia-based HYPR CARRY quickly occupied the niche between streetwear and gaming by spearheading massive partnerships with content creators like Fresh and Mitch Robinson. 

Now with Nations Ventures creating a HYPR CARRY subsidiary in the US, this homegrown success story looks poised to take over a new market.

Nations Ventures is a venture capital firm owned by We Are Nations, one of the biggest ‘esports-wear’ companies in the world. Their investment into HYPR CARRY comprises a cash investment into the Australian parent company. We Are Nations will also create an affiliate HYPR CARRY USA outfit to start tapping into the American market.

In an interview with HYPR CARRY cofounder Aiden Hiko, he talked about how the partnership came about and what the company’s plans are coming into this year and beyond.

“We were looking for an investment partner that would help us grow our own brand as well, and Nations were keen from the get-go” he said, crediting fellow HYPR CARRY cofounder Richard Lee for spearheading the effort to bring the partnership to fruition. 

According to Patrick Mahoney, CEO of We Are Nations, “working with HYPR CARRY is probably the best example so far of the Nations Ventures investment strategy.”

“HYPR CARRY has built a great business with great clients and an incredible management team. They were ready to scale and after a few months of conversations it became clear that HYPR CARRY and the Nations family created a great partnership.”

Hiko also said that “it had been an incredible launch year for the team and we were looking closely at how to continue the momentum into 2021. It was important for us to secure a partner that was beneficial to the vision of HYPR, but also strengthened the network for our influencers.”

After such a stellar debut year, it was always going to be hard to top that coming into 2021, but Hiko isn’t concerned, mentioning the upcoming March launch of a HYPR CARRY branded line as well as the Marvel partnership with the Chiefs Esports Club. 

The outfit already has creators Joshdub, EddieVR and Mully locked in for clothing drops this spring, but are hoping that the partnership with Nations Ventures will open up more international opportunities to team up with both content creators and esports teams. 

In the immediate future however, the focus is now on setting up distribution in the United States. According to Hiko, HYPR CARRY “really wanted to expand to the US market” and having that global platform gives them better access, allows them to deliver overseas faster and ensure that they can still produce quality products. 

It’s been quite a ride already for the crew at HYPR CARRY, and this new alliance with Nations Ventures offering the opportunity to capitalise on the experience of the world’s largest sportswear production company can only bode well for the prospects of Australia’s gaming streetwear powerhouse.

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Alex Leckie-Zaharic
Alex Leckie-Zaharic
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