ESL Australia unveils plans for three new purpose-built Sydney esports studios

The purpose-built spaces will get their debut when ESL's ANZ Champs begins next month.

Esports broadcasting in Australia is about to hit a new level, with ESL set to open three new western Sydney studio spaces to comprehensively run events, in person and remotely.

All three studios will serve different purposes. One will serve as a casual broadcast studio space that will include couch setups and a video wall for analysis segments. Based on the description, it seems something akin to the setup used by Riot Games’ popular European Championship, for their League of Legends segments.

A second studio will fill the role of a traditional esports studio, with a custom built commentary desk that can host up to three talents. Finally, a third studio is premised on flexible broadcasting space, allowing for a wide range of content.

The studios will get their debut in March, when the new season of ESL’s ANZ Champs kicks off, featuring the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams the region has to offer. 

“Coming into 2021, we’ve been working on what is the biggest change to the league since its inception in 2015,” ANZ Champs’ product manager James Fletcher said.

“We see the ANZ Champs as the place where all CS:GO and StarCraft 2 fans can come; whether it’s to watch their favourite teams compete, or simply take part in an interactive broadcast. 

“We’re talking less of the stiff, ‘Sports Show’ vibe and more Twitch, memes, and content.”

Content erring on the loose side has seen considerable success in Oceania before, with the now-defunct Oceanic Pro League broadcast based heavily around humorous segments between games. These were usually helmed by regular host Nich “Nichboy” Richardson and involved stunts like live painting sessions, and more.

While more rigorous esports content has its place, fans should look forward to casters and other talent leaning into the special brand of Australian and New Zealand humour, especially when they can get in on the action too.

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Alex Leckie-Zaharic
Alex Leckie-Zaharic
The first Kiwi addition to the Snowball team, Alex "Alexicon1" Leckie-Zaharic is a keen League player, but will happily watch all kinds of esports given the opportunity. Alex is an up and coming young writer who has written for multiple Oceanic esports publications.



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