Snowball announces new Counter-Strike podcast “Round-Up”

Each fortnight, Round-Up will go through everything that is going on in Oceanic CS domestically and overseas.

Further developing the Counter-Strike content on Snowball is a goal for us in 2021, and this new show aims to do as such. In the same vain as “Run It Back”, Round-Up will cover all things CS in the region and most importantly bring people up to speed with everything that’s happening.

As the 2021 season is beginning to kick off around the world, there are many Aussies abroad and at home who will be fighting for their place at the top.

For a long time, Snowball has been invested in sharing and documenting the stories of these teams and players in Counter-Strike. But now the next step will be to bring on board new methods of storytelling and ensure that CS is given the love it deserves.

Round-Up will cover all the pressing issues that challenge the scene, as well as break down all the roster moves, events and news so that you don’t have to.

In addition to the regular hosts, Round-Up will bring in important voices from the scene to lend their thoughts and opinions from time to time:

  • Ashley “Shhlee” Whyte: Counter-Strike Writer
  • Luther “2sBs” Minshull: Counter-Strike & Valorant caster

The first episode of Round-Up will drop tonight, Wednesday, February 3rd. You can keep up with the show each fortnight via the Snowball Esports YouTube Channel.

Follow Luther & Ash on Twitter.

Ash Whyte
Ash Whyte
Ash 'Shhlee' Whyte is all about Counter-Strike and its stories. While he did look at playing League of Legends at some point, he soon opted to specailise in CS after being told Shyvana top was apparently not 'viable' and that Bronze was not a 'good' rank.



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