Mindfreak adds Oceanic stalwart Carmody

Michael Carmody, formerly of Legacy Esports, heads up the new era for Oceanic talisman Mindfreak.

Melbourne-based esports organisation Mindfreak have announced a revamp in ownership, bringing on board former Legacy Esports head Michael Carmody as Chief Executive Officer.

Former owner and CEO Albert Nassif will remain with Mindfreak going forward as a brand ambassador, while operations manager Brad Norton will step away from esports management.

On his plan for Mindfreak’s next steps in the esports space, Carmody aims to ‘break new ground’, stating: “Occasionally you see something that make you go “that’s cool”, but for the most part a lot of leagues, titles and broadcasts could be interchangeable to the ear.”

Carmody departed Legacy Esports in May 2021.

“Everything in oceanic esports seems to revolve around the same tired titles, doing the same familiar things. We need to expand to markets that exist, but are parochially underserved.

“Mindfreak will be focused on engaging a generation of ‘casual’ gamers and creating unique partnerships that engage the imagination of gamers and continue to drive our sector forward.”

“Everyone’s a gamer, we need to stop defining esports, that is competitive gaming, in the way a select few want to.”

Michael Carmody, Mindfreak CEO

Mindfreak have a storied history in the ANZ region, with Nassif stepping down in 2014 following a career in Call of Duty. These days, the talismanic organisation has standouts in the Valorant and Overwatch segments and a strong content team. With Starcraft players already under Carmody’s banner it will be interesting to see how he adds to his already diverse group.

In a subsequent announcement, former Operations Manager Brad Norton will also depart his role with Mindfreak to take a break from esports management.

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Reece Perry
Reece Perry
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